Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Two Towers Video Game

In the depth of my basement where no man dares go,
Property Newline Cinema
There are sometimes fun things; like a toy or plastic bow.
Today as I went into the darkness of the house,
I wasn't expecting anything, except perhaps a stray mouse.
I opened the door carefully; it squeaked,
and took a deep breath before taking a peek.

Inside of the chest a golden treasure lay hid,
And my breath caught in my throat--really, it did!
As I pulled it out I was delighted to see
What looked like a brand new Two Towers DVD!
A video game for the Gamecube, it was,
I clutched it close, breathed and took a pause.
I read the instructions, pulled out the system,
And soon I was mashing buttons like a madman.

Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, it's your pick,
If video games are your thing, this one will make you tick!
I battled the Ringwraiths upon Weathertop,
And fought my way to Moria, who says I have to stop?

Ah yes, the 2001 Gamecube.
Not even the nerdiest of my game
systems, that would fall on the
Nintendo 64 (which also
happens to be my favorite)

So today I was just looking around in my basement, like the poem says, when I came across this video game--one of my brother's old things.  I was shocked and amazed and of course I put it right into the Gamecube! The first scenes of the Fellowship movie flashed on the screen to my delight.  Suddenly, the shots of the Last Alliance turned into video game format and I was tasked with fighting as Isildur against the orcs of Mordor.  Next I became Aragorn fighting to defend Frodo on Weathertop.  I'll have you know I killed five Ringwraiths and it only took me ten different attempts.  

I am really excited to play the rest of this game because so far it is really awesome.  Right now I am at the gates of Moria prepared to hash it out with the watcher in the water.  Until next time, my friends!
(Runs to controller shouting a war cry in epic fashion) 


  1. *sighs* Ah! Videogames! Sadly, I don't own any systems that are able to read LOTR games. Not even the Lego ones! And it gets even better! I don't have an updated one that reads the new Hobbit games! Can my life get any more ironic?! But I do have Lego Star Wars but it's not the same! :'(

    1. Aw, that's too bad. Maybe for Christmas...

    2. Haha, to be honest, I'd rather get the extended editions of The Lord of the Rings :D

    3. Oh, yes! I should've put that on my list! Darn; I was so focused on the books I wanted I never even considered that! Well maybe my family read my mind and got them anyway. We shall see!

    4. Yes we shall! They're at Costco if there is one near you. They aren't as expensive as the ones at other stores :D

    5. Haha I'll be crossing them with you!