Greetings! Welcome to Lover of Lembas.

This blog is run by me, Jenny, also known as Nimrodel. I started this blog to indulge my Lord of the Rings obsession and writing appetite in 2015, but since then it has expanded to include all kinds of personal interests of mine. I am always eager to meet new bloggers and people with similar passions, so feel free to drop a comment on any post, and/or follow this blog. You can expect lots of rants, essays, jokes, pictures, and ideas as well as some of my favorite quotes, book reviews, or little things I think you might enjoy. In addition to regular articles and posts, I also have a little Book Nook section which has all my book reviews. I love having a good book discussion, so please read some reviews!

A little bit about me...I first started writing when I was three—my first poem was called Centerpiece--and I just never stopped. I have an unhealthy yet undeniable inclination towards tea, particularly sun tea, brewed in a little glass container on the deck in my backyard. Similarly, I have a fascination with strong, black coffee—I had my first dose around the age of three when I stole some from my grandma’s mug.  Five of my great joys in life are my little nephews, three of which live near me and the other who is looking down from heaven, and my precious little niece. I enjoy playing tennis, spend a healthy amount of time playing violin, piano, and guitar, and never tire of swimming or baking.

I like running around on grass with no shoes on (unless there are bugs!), playing The Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo64, hanging out with my five older siblings, watching Netflix, sketching portraits, and spend a lot of time trying to find an effective way to keep my unruly red locks out of my face.

Oh, and I’m a book nut. You will never find me away from the house without a book, and you can tell a lot about me from the books I am reading.  Language is a particular interest of mine, so I love reading books translated from other dialects--evidenced by my copies of War and Peace, Les Miserables, Anna Karenina and other gems lounging on my shelf.

I am a complete loon for well-written fantasy (none of that “impoverished chap-book stuff”, however) which you could probably guess by taking one look at my bookshelf absolutely laden with Tolkien.

Similarly, I have an affection for the classics, so you will find Little Women, The Swiss Family Robinson, and Animal Farm also neatly stacked in my room.

And don't even get me started on King Arthur legends and adaptations--The Once and Future King, Le Mort D'Arthur, Lancelot Knight of the Cart, and The Holy Grail can speak for themselves (from their safe location on my bookcase).

I am overly fond of trivia, music, lakes, libraries, trees, dresses, PowerPoint, stained glass, Gothic arches, and oh yeah…

I love Lembas bread.

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