Monday, June 5, 2017

Save Money This Summer

Are you tight on the cash dollars right now?

Do you want to throw all your money at Caribou coffee rather than--I dunno--necessary things?

Well you're in luck, because it's the same with me!

These are some easy ways to save money this summer!

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Turn off your AC.  No, really!

I know.  You shudder at the thought.  And really, I do too.  Sometimes summer is just unbearably hot, and where I live it gets ridiculously humid too.

But AC really costs a ton of money over the course of a summer, and it's one area where saving money will feel nice on your wallet and nice in general.

You know why going to a cabin up north in the summer is so awesome?  It's because you spend the whole weekend laying out in the sun, going in and out of the house through just a screen door, and jumping in the lake whenever you feel hot.

Why not extend that type of living to your house?  Keeping the windows open makes it so you are basically outside all the time.  Being outside makes people feel good because it's simply more natural.  Don't be a soft human who just has to have everything perfect and controlled.  Let mother nature take care of you a bit and go with the flow a little more.

Bring that cabin-life mentality home!

If humidity is getting you down, dehumidifiers can help and they create nice distilled water perfect for running in fountains or watering your plants.

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Dry your clothes on a clothesline

This is very cheap and good for the environment.  Drying your clothes on a line can save your water bill.  It keeps light clothes looking crisp and pristine, and since sweaters are not generally standard fare in the summer, you don't need to worry a lot about stretching things out.

Additionally, your clothes will smell amazing after hanging in the sweet air for awhile.

Make sure your clothes are in a safe location where people and animals can't wantonly steal them and the sun hits them well.  Pin them up carefully (upside down is often the way to go) so you don't ruin the sleeves, and ensure that they are well dried before folding and putting them away.  They will be musty if you neglect this.

This is a very natural way of getting a necessary chore done, and it can be a very calming and relaxing chore.

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Travel on foot

If you have a nice summer season in your area (even if it's hot!) you should really make the best of it and try to walk places or ride a bike.

Clearly it's good for the environment, it's cheap, it's good exercise, and it releases endorphins.  It does take a little longer than usual depending on where you are going, but think about it this way; say you need to go to the grocery store, and you should also get some exercise.  You may spend an hour at the grocery store and another hour at the gym...but you could always combine the two by just biking to the grocery store!

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Get a haircut

This is clearly a natural step in the summer experience that only makes sense.  Things are about to get hotter, especially if you are planning on taking my advice and turning off the AC and being physically active during the day.

As someone with hair to her waist, I totally understand how much of a burden hair can be.  We often don't notice this because the burden is accrued slowly, but once you get a short hair cut everything feels so light and easy to manage.

This can really help decrease your feeling of oppressive heat and make things seem freer and less worrisome.

If you don't want to cut your hair, learn some quick ways to put your hair up that won't interfere in your daily life.  Your neck will thank you for the relief from heat.

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Some of these tips may have been obvious, but others may have stood out to you.  Carefully consider if you're willing to try these tips for the sake of money, or if you are going to spend the big bucks this summer.

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  1. And don't be fooled by beautiful people eating ice-cream cones! It doesn't help, it just makes you sticky and thirsty.

  2. Incredible! I'd never considered making use of the water gathered by a dehumidifier.