Thursday, June 22, 2017

June Jams for Your Summer Enjoyment

What have I been doing recently besides neglecting my blogging duties?

Listening to music of course!

Here are my top jams I've been loving recently that I recommend to you all as a nice finish to your June.

Reminds me of Ed Sheeran but better:

Man attempts to find meaningful jobs:

My Coldplay nostalgia compels me:

Ukulele or guitar?  Its a toss up:

Obscure country artist has a good song:

Man rejoices in California earthquakes...?  Still not sure what this is about:

The Lumineers play off their first success but better this time:

Woah, Vance Joy made it on this list twice:

Better-sounding acoustic version of an 80s new wave/synth:

The song we know the refrain to from an insurance commercial:

Lord Huron strikes again!

Hey it's U2!  Because we are cultured here:

Billy Joel rips off the Lion King's fugue style:

Aerosmith!  Steven Tyler, Liv Tyler's (Arwen) dad!  

The song that makes you feel bad for not travelling this summer:

The song everyone loves from Napoleon Dynamite (no, not by the White Stripes--although that one is great too):

The band that reminds of you of the White Stripes:

A song I feel like I know but don't know how and stumbled across randomly:

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