Monday, April 17, 2017

The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer

Why am I not satisfied with this trailer?

I honestly don't know.  Perhaps I'm just losing fascination with the dramatic stops and starts of teaser trailers--you know, the flashes to black, the deep voice over, etc.

Maybe I've gotten through my Star Wars phase (not that I don't like it anymore, I'm just not obsessed).

Maybe I've been influenced by critics of The Force Awakens and have been convinced that Rey's character is a little too good to be true, the plot is unoriginal, etc.

Before I get ahead of myself though, take a watch of the trailer that was released Friday if you haven't already.

So...first impressions?

I am excited for this movie because it's something I would like to see with my friends and I have two free movie ticket passes I've been saving for the occasion.  Yeah, I know it's like six months away.  But planning ahead is the first step to saving money!

Anywho, I don't like to read too much into teaser trailers just because they very rarely explain the premise of the movie to come at all.  Most of the time you are able to get a general feel for the piece and that's about it.

Image result for the last jedi trailer

This trailer gives me a general feeling of foreboding.  I think it's a combination of Luke's ominous remarks about the order of the Jedi ending, the black screens, and music that adds up to make things seem very mysterious and unsettling.

Perhaps this film will give us a satisfyingly ominous and dramatic moment, just like at the end of the Empire Strikes Back.  That whole film lead up with a nervous aura about the Empire and culminated in a devastating reveal at the end.

 So maybe this film is giving such a feeling of unease because it's about to drop a bombshell on us all.

I hope this film doesn't wildly stray from the general feeling of this trailer, because that would defeat the point of the entire teaser.

These are just a few brief thoughts I have about this trailer, and I'll have more actual analysis once the theatrical trailer drops and we have more information about the actual premise of the film.

What did you think?  What sort of feeling and general aura did you get from this teaser?  What are you hoping will come about through The Last Jedi?

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  1. I am not satisfied with it either. I know it's just a teaser, but I'm still frustrated by the confusing jumble of images, as well as the focus on the new characters. Why can't we see Luke and Leia's faces?

    It gives me a feeling of foreboding as well, which only intensifies the apprehension I have already. I was extremely disappointed with The Force Awakens, primarily because it screwed up the original characters. Luke, Leia, and Han would not behave the way they did, and now I'm concerned that The Last Jedi is going to follow the same flawed pattern.

    What I'm hoping will happen is an emotional reunion between Luke and Leia, at least, since The Force Awakens crushed any hope of seeing all three of them together again. Killing Han so early was a bad mistake. Now that Carrie Fisher has passed away, Luke will be the only one left in Episode IX... But like you said, further analysis will have to wait until we have a theatrical trailer.

    - Ellen

    1. That's true, I guess I never really considered how much the original three characters changed, but you're absolutely right. It would be great to see Luke and Leia together in this next film--I need the theatrical trailer stat!

  2. You're telling me. (Oh gosh, I'm replying to almost every single of your recent posts out of order 0_0)
    Anyway, I was not satisfied either. Mainly for all the reasons Ellen said above (YOU ROCK ELLEN) so I'm not going to try to rewrite it and make it my comment... *cries* I REALLY want Han back :'(

    Frodo's input: Hi Nimrodel, I've been really busy working on that Fellowship post so that's why I haven't posted it yet. Anyway, do you think there'll be an episode 9? Usually they make trilogies so I was guessing there would be an episode 9 but the title (for me) suggests that this is the last one. I know there's going to be a Han Solo story and a Boba Fett story. I was just wondering, what do you think?

    1. *popping in uninvited* :P Yes, there will be an episode 9 and they just announced the release date(May 23, 2019). So exciting!!

    2. Fawnabelle, I totally agree--HANNNNN D:
      Frodo- awesome, I can't wait to read your post!
      Meredith--perfect, thanks for letting us know! Hmm, May, interesting. They've all been in December, so I just assumed it would be around then. Ugh, 2019 seems so far away XD

  3. I must be one of the only ones who actually loved the Force Awakens. I've loved the Star Wars movies ever since I can remember, and have grown up knowing the characters well. I thought the Force Awakens was great, and it did a wonderful job following the Original Trilogy. It felt more like Star Wars than even the prequels (and I didn't even dislike those)!
    I'll readily admit that Rey is a Mary Sue. There's no denying it. She's sweet, perfect, talented, orphaned, and automatically beloved by the characters she meets. But at the same time.... why should I care? She was likable and cool, and as long as she doesn't annoy me with her Mary Sue status, I'm fine with it. I think that even Mary Sues have their place in fiction, simply because they give us something to aspire to.
    I'll also admit that I wasn't happy with where our three main characters, Luke, Han, and Leia ended up by the seventh film. But I didn't feel it was unrealistic either. Han and Leia were always bickering and cutting each other down, and that dynamic doesn't make for a stable or happy marriage. It made sense to me that they would need to take long breaks from each other. It also made sense that they would go back to doing what they do best- piloting and helping with the military. Luke has a history of running off on his own when something terrible happens, so it didn't surprise me at all to find that he had retreated to an unknown location after Ben's betrayal.
    I didn't mind the parallels between Force Awakens and the previously released Star Wars. I know a lot of people claimed it was totally ripped off of A New Hope, but I disagree. There's a certain formula to the Star Wars movies, and to deviate too much makes it feel less like Star Wars, even if the new story/formula is a good one. The new death-star-planet was odd, I'll give you that. But at the same time, guns pretty much always look like guns, no matter how advanced they get. I guess it follows that giant super-weapons might stick to the same principle.
    My one beef with the film was that Finn's personality didn't really seem like that of a storm-trooper trained from birth. He seemed more like a city kid with a lot to learn about survival. But I forgive that, because he really was a sweety even if I couldn't quite believe that he had been trained to kill all of his life.

    Now that THAT'S out of my system, lol...

    The new teaser trailer is alarming and unsatisfying, but I think that's generally how teaser trailers are supposed to be. Every teaser released today for an action movie likes to make you think it's the end of the world, the characters you know and love are different, something unimaginable is coming... it's all the same. I never watch a teaser and expect to be satisfied. All I know is I'm excited for this movie, and I shall reserve judgement until I see more of it. :)

    1. What you say about the story being similar to A New Hope and that being a good thing is probably true. Of course, there is that one famous video of George Lucas talking about how he wants the movies to "rhyme" with each other, so I suppose The Force Awakens definitely does rhyme with A New Hope.

      You're totally correct about the teaser trailer--those things are never complete. I can't want for a theatrical trailer!