Sunday, April 9, 2017

Better Off Friends

Alright, so I wanted a fluffy romantic book to read easily that I didn't have to focus too hard on and that would lighten things up as spring comes along.

Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg turned out to be exactly what I was looking for.

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It tells the story of Macallan and Levi through their first meeting in seventh grade all the way through their high school career, their various friendships and relationships, and how they struggled to walk the line between being friends and being something more.

It was a really easy book to read with nice big font (something I haven't even realized I've been missing until I saw it again).  It was told from both Macallan's point of view and Levi's.

In between each chapter there would be a quick conversation between Macallan and Levi discussing what had happened in the previous chapter.  I really liked this section because it was their older selves looking back on their past experiences.

The book wasn't super sad, but it was pretty cute and simple.  It's a quick read and the characters are charming and easy to care about.

It's not a super deep book, but not every book has to be, you know?  If you're looking for something simple to pass the time and entertain you, this book would be a good option.

I don't always recommend contemporary books, but when I do...(it's Better Off Friends).

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