Monday, March 6, 2017

25 Days of LOTR - Day 6

The bracket of favorite characters continues, with Sam and Gandalf both going head to head.  Please keep voting and sharing your opinions!

A winner will be declared tomorrow because I want to allow enough time for everyone who wants to weigh in to be able to.

Don't worry though, 25 Days of Lord of the Rings continues with another challenge and a pretty intense(ly funny) one at that!

A great task has been thrust upon you whether you would take it or no, and the destiny of Middle-earth rests upon your shoulders.

Gandalf and the rest of the fellowship need your help on their long and tedious journey to Mordor.  Spirits are rather low among the companions, and they need something a bit more cheery.

Image result for fellowship of the ring

This is where you come in!

The reader who finds or creates the funniest Lord of the Rings related meme and provides a link to the image will be the reigning champion and will save the fellowship from certain despair.

Here is how it works:

  • Comment a link below with the image you have chosen/created
  • Please refrain from using memes with too much profanity--there are young'uns who read here!
  • I will post the images on the morrow at which point you may vote for your favorite (that isn't your own)
  • Everyone will be given one vote whether they made a submission or not, but they may not vote for themselves
  • Whoever submitted the victorious image will be crowned the winner and receive the unwavering love of all readers (I can't guarantee that, but you will at least have my respect...that's got be worth something, right?  RIGHT?)
  • Try to find something unique
  • Have fun with it!  This is just a silly challenge, so do your best to find something you think will make us all laugh or use your own creative LOTR mind to dream up something hilarious
No veren, n'i lû tôl!

Image result for silmarillion meme

Image credits: Prezi


  1. Just to clarify, does the meme(or memes) have to be specifically LotR, or can they be related to anything in Arda (like the Feanorian one at the bottom of your post)?

    1. None of these are mine, by the way.

    2. Super! Thank you for your submissions!

  2. GANDALF VS. SAM: I'm going with Sam. Gandalf is obviously a more spectacular character with his magic and wisdom, but most of these are surface qualities. They're also innate abilities, common to all Maiar. Of course, his devotion to his mission, after the other four Istari abandon it, is admirable. But Sam is magnificent. He never, ever, ever gives up. Even though he admits he and Frodo have little to zero chance of returning from Mordor (I'm pretty certain it's Sam in the book who says "I don't think there will be a return journey"), turning back and fleeing simply isn't an option for him. If it's because of Gollum that the quest succeeded, it's because of Sam that it ever had a chance of succeeding.

    I will be back with a meme later. :D

    1. Awesome, thank you for your input!! Looking forward to the meme ;)