Sunday, March 5, 2017

25 Days of LOTR - Day 5

Yesterday's winner...


I am impressed by how split most of the opinions are--there have been people voting on both sides for each bracket so far and I love it!

Today's match up is a big one with two of the most beloved characters going head to head.  I seriously have no idea who is going to win and I can't wait to hear your explanations for who you want to vote for!

Without futher ado, Gandalf vs. Sam!

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  1. Sam. What else could I possibly say? His simplicity, his cleverness, his bravery, his love, his devotion, his general Samwise-ness. Everything about him. It is unlikely that the fellowship would have succeeded without Gandalf, but it is possible Aragorn could have got them to the breaking of. But without Sam, Frodo would NEVER have made it. Also, while the Maiar do have free will and can decide to go their own way for good or ill (Saruman), Gandalf is carrying out his assigned mission. He did not necessarily know what exact form it would take, but he knew what he signed up for. He also has the support of Elrond and Galadriel and, during previous troubles, that of Saruman the Wise. He is strong and powerful, blah de blah....
    Sam has no idea. All he wants to do is help his Master. He's scared, and he isn't sure they will succeed. He knows that it is very dangerous, but he doesn't really understand it. And that doesn't matter to him. He follows and does his best. I dunno. I feel that, in many ways, he is the braver of the two.
    Samwise Gamgee, best and most beloved of hobbits, you have my vote today and always.

    1. Yes. *Whispers* I completely agree with you!

  2. I absolutely ADORE Sam, with his touching loyalty, simple cleverness, and sense of humor. But... if I were going to request a spin-off novel to be written about one of these two characters, it would have to be Gandalf.
    Gandalf's origins are touched upon in "Of the Istari" (think that's what it's called...). But what happened during his 300+ years in Middle Earth is largely a mystery. With his snarky but loving personality, I think that a story of his "young" days in Middle Earth would be incredible to read. Perhaps we could learn when he first became fascinated with the Hobbit culture.

    Gandalf wins this round for me.

    1. Gandalf does have a rather elaborate backstory, that is true.

  3. I must break this horrible tie! Gandalf has my vote. I just find him a much more interesting charector than Sam. With him being basically a lower level god to him being sent back and his whole personality. I like to think of him as that old grandpa who always has a story to share. Sam, all he has going for himself is his lovable personality and selflessness? Any who Gandalf has my vote.

  4. Oh no, what a horrible choice! Both of them are in my top tier of favorite characters. I love them dearly. But - I'll make it a tie again and go with Sam. He's not without his faults - I still wonder if Gollum's story might have ended differently if Sam had shared Frodo's patience and understanding and not ruined that moment on the Stairs of Cirith Ungol - but in the end, his selfless love, humility, and devotion are all that matters. He is willing to spend every last drop of blood for Frodo, who calls him "my dearest hobbit, friend of friends." Need I say more?

    Also, it is Sam who stays behind in the Shire (for a while longer, anyway), to raise a family and work to heal the wounds of war. That takes courage of a different kind, to return home changed and yet go on living. He really epitomizes the goodness and beauty for which the war was fought in the first place. And as Tolkien said in a letter (I don't have time to look it up, so this is a paraphrase), nothing is more moving than watching an ordinary person become noble. I could ramble more if I had the time.

    Of course, I happen to be reading "Shelob's Lair" right now. If I happened to be reading a chapter with Gandalf in it, who know, I might be voting differently. But as it is, I'm voting for Sam.

    - Ellen