Thursday, March 2, 2017

25 Days of LOTR - Day 2

The winner of the first round is...


Both sides presented well-thought out arguments and intelligent responses.  It seemed that the general consensus was that Aragorn was more fleshed out and had more background to love.
"Farewell, Aragorn! Go to Minas Tirith and save my people. I have failed.
'No!' said Aragorn, taking his hand and kissing his brow. 'You have conquered. Few have gained such a victory. Be at peace. Minas Tirith shall not fall.'
Boromir smiled." -The Two Towers

"Mourn not overmuch; mighty was the fallen, meet was his ending. When his grave-mound is raised, women then shall weep. War now calls us." -The Return of the King

The war is now between Legolas and Gimli, a dynamic duo who I'm sure we all hope are never separated.  But for this bracket, they are going head to head.

Dwarves with their honor and pride vs. Elves with their long history and subtle skill.  Keep in mind for this round which character contributes the most to the Fellowship, who is more willing to work together with someone unlike themselves, and who has more solid morals.

Also deeply consider which character you like to read about!

Thanks a bunch to everyone who offered their opinions yesterday and please keep up the great participation.

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  1. OK I have to say Legolas wins this one and I have been sitting at my desk like an idiot for 10 minutes trying to compile a list of reasons why he would win.(I love lists)
    1. First Legolas is an elf. In my opinion elves are awesome with all there vast amounts of knowledge and the fact that every single one has a bit of magic in them is very cool.

    2. Gimli is an awesome charector, I love his enthusiasm for things and his dwarven humor and sarcasm. But I've always loved legolas for his calm and cool collective mind but still show very human feelings unlike maybe some elves.

    3. From a fighting standpoint Legolas with his bow and gimli with his axe, Legolas would definitely win.

    4. Finally, I just simply feel Legolas grew more as a charector than Gimli. At frist he didn't really like Gimli because he was a dwarf but then in the end not only did they become great friends but he even managed to get Gimli to be allowed into the Undying Lands.

    So for me it's Legolas.

    1. Hmm, interesting points. I have to say I'm not sure who would win in a physical battle--it really depends. If it was a short range battle, I think Gimli may be able to get a swing of the ax in before Legolas could nock an arrow, though of course that's just speculation. Good thing it never came to that!

  2. Legolas was lightly armed and could move faster than the others, so he was scout for the Fellowship. Gimli seems to have been warrior backup along with Aragorn and Boromir.

    The two don't like each other much at first, but they became friends in the end. Both also seem willing enough to help another, even if said person is unlike themselves.

    So far, they're tied. However Legolas was my favorite character the first time I read the books, and while I appreciate Gimli, I've never quite felt the same liking for him. Elves and dwarves are both awesome in their own ways, but elves win by a slight margin for me. Legolas gets my vote.

    1. Nice. You're right, Elves are pretty awesome :)

  3. Oh, don't make me choose! Well. They are both very prejudiced, and think that their people are better. BUT, it seems that while Gimli finds hims the best by disliking others, Legolas finds his people better by sheer arrogance, and has a slightly more condescending air towards the world. . All of this in moderation though, and they really are lovely people and become friends very quickly.
    As I find condescension much more obnoxious than just outright dislike of people, I am going to vote for Gimli.

    1. Huh, interesting observations about the way that Gimli and Legolas justify why their people are better. Condescension is very annoying, that's true!

  4. Oh, no, what an awful choice... I like them both, and their friendship is so touching. I especially like their pact to visit Fangorn Forest and the Helm's Deep caverns together if they both survive the war. They shouldn't be separated! And they're both equal as far as morals and contributions to the Fellowship and such...

    However, after changing my mind several times, I'll go with Legolas. I generally tend to gravitate to Elves rather than dwarves. I admire the elves' wisdom and artistic skill, and I sympathize with their desire to prevent change and preserve all that is beautiful and good. Being immortal, they have a fascinating aura of mystery as well. I see that in Legolas when, during the hunt for Merry and Pippin in TTT, he stands apart from his companions and sings softly to himself in his own language.

    I would think it would be hard for an elf to let himself develop friendships with mortals, knowing that he will have to lose them someday... But Legolas becomes close to the rest of the Fellowship anyway.

    So, for the purpose of this contest, I'll vote for Legolas. But just to be clear, I like them both equally!

    - Ellen

    1. I felt the same way about their agreement with the Glittering Caves and Fangorn. I like your idea that it may be harder for Legolas to become friends with people he will never see again--it does present a unique challenge for him. Insightful!

  5. This is more difficult than the last.

    Legolas- It's hard not to love him because he is, after all, an elf. But practically speaking, he contributed the least to the Fellowship. He did many useful things for them, of course, but his deeds simply don't have the magnitude of other members.
    On one hand, he's very interesting to read about because of his unique perspective. He seems both youthful and old, and his elven nature allows him to see more than what is apparent to the mortal eye. He is conceited and proud, but also kind and loyal. I find a kindred spirit in him when it comes to the sorrow of the lost beauty of Middle Earth, and I was so grateful to read that after the War he and his people restored Ithilien to its former glory.
    And then finally, his character development was well done. Though he is a minor character, his arc is smooth and fleshed-out. He learns to overcome his prejudice against dwarves for the sake of his dear friend Gimli, and even secures a place for him in Valinor (though it is said this was in part also due to Galadriel's assistance). He was in love with the land in the Fellowship of the Ring, but by the Return of the King the prophecy had come true: he had heard the call of the gulls and recognized it was soon time for him to return to the land of his fathers.

    Gimli- Gimli, in contrast to Legolas's ethereal ways, is a much more down-to-earth character. Rough, tough, short, and sturdy (not to mention hairy) he couldn't have seemed more different from his former rival. But really, when I look closer, they do have some similarities. Gimli also has his ego, see, and a sense of superiority. He too loves his people and their histories, and the land in which they live. He too feels keenly the sorrow of fading glories. He is stubborn, proud, but he also has a very kindly, companionly way about him when it comes to those he cares for. Both he and Legolas are passionate, but they express it in different ways for different things, which I think is largely what feeds their dislike for one another a first.
    But once Gimli comes to understand the beauty of the elven culture, he is not afraid to admit how wrong his prejudices proved to be. It is at this point, when he finds common ground with Legolas, that their similarities become apparent, and their friendship blossoms. Gimli comes into his own throughout the series. He becomes wiser and more experienced, an all-around more agreeable person.

    These two characters are pretty much equal in my eyes. I'm not even going to get into their fighting skills, or talk about who would win in a fight.
    I guess if I were to step into their world and try to speak to one of them, I would feel drawn to Legolas, but I'd feel more comfortable talking to Gimli first, if that makes sense.
    That being said, for this one.....

    It's a tie. They both win. ^_^

    1. "He seems both youthful and old" --very insightful! I like it!
      Good points made all around--thanks for sharing!