Saturday, March 18, 2017

25 Days of LOTR - Day 18

Salut, mes amis!

The winner of the first round of semi finals is King Aragorn!  He will advance to the finals of the bracket as we approach the latter half of 25 Days of LOTR.

Today we have to decide between Sam and Faramir as to who will go against Aragorn for the final contest.  

I think everyone knows who I am rooting for, and I am nervously awaiting the results as I am sure many of you are!

Lets see this contest through to the end very strongly!  Quotes and direct references are always appreciated when voting, though not necessary.  Who knows, your comment may even sway some other readers toward voting for your favorite too.

Happy Saturday everyone, and happy voting as well!

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  1. Sam wins this one for me. Faramir is an amazing character but Sam is Sam. You can't have a better friend than him! (And his potatoes are AMAZING. I speak from experience...)

    P.S. Frodo would also like to vote for Sam too :D

  2. Sam is the greatest thing that has ever happened to the world. I do love Faramir. I love his whole thing with Eowyn. I love listening to him talk. But Sam. There is no honour great enough for Samwise Gamgee.

    1. Whoa, some high accolades there! Thanks for voting :)

  3. Fawnabelle Baggins is right - Frodo would like to vote for Sam! And so would I. I wish I could elaborate, but once again, I'm in the middle of a hectic weekend and lack the time to write him a fitting tribute. Words would fail to do him justice, anyway.

    - Ellen

    1. No problem, thank you for taking the time to share your input :D

  4. GAHHHHHHH *dies* WHY *dies* AGHHHH

    Why is my favouritest character up against the epicest character???


    Ooookay. *deep breaths* Well. They're both essentially flawless. Neither character develops much. So they're even there. Faramir continues to respect his hateful father even though the latter is cruel to him. Sam continues to respect and support Frodo even when the latter says some bratty stuff (but Sam knows he's under the Ring's spell when he does so maybe not quite so much kudos in this case).

    I keep thinking of Sam and Faramir's back-and-forth at Henneth Annun. Sam: "[You] showed your quality: the very highest." Faramir: "The praise of the praiseworthy [i.e. Sam] is above all rewards." I feel like if it were up to the characters themselves they would each choose the other.

    Faramir is our hero to emulate; Sam is our hero with whom to relate. Sam is also a weaker opponent of the odds he faced. Based on that, I'm going to vote for Sam.

    I like to think Faramir would agree. :D

    1. Awesome analysis!! I appreciate your attention to detail there--perfect quotes :)