Tuesday, March 14, 2017

25 Days of LOTR - Day 14

Happy pi day!

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Eowyn won her fight with Elrond today, and she plows her way into the semi-finals.  

Today's fight is pretty easy in my opinion, but I'm still interested to see what reasoning everyone has for voting between Merry and Sam.  Don't worry, even if you don't vote for my personal favorite Hobbit, I won't be mad!

Keep your heads up high!  Spring is on it's way--track season started today, and the sun is getting warmer day by day.

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  1. Sam is the obvious choice, but I'm going with Merry. Though he was somewhat more mature than Pippin (and neither is as immature as the movie makes them out to be), he was still an innocent, fun-loving hobbit at the beginning of the story. By the end, he's become a stalwart soldier and a fearless defender of the Shire. Whilst Sam is an epic character, he didn't seem to grow and change over the course of the story as much as Merry did.

    1. This is why I'm voting for Merry too.