Friday, March 10, 2017

25 Days of LOTR - Day 10

Well folks, the results are in and Faramir was victorious in yesterday's battle with Theoden.

That means we only have one more preliminary bracket to get through before we go to the semi finals!  Today we have Glorfindel vs. Eomer.

Both are pretty renowned warriors and defenders of their respective lands, and in my opinion, both deserve more backstory!

Based on the rather limited knowledge of Glorfindel and Eomer that Professor Tolkien gives us, who do you think is the better character??

Thanks to everyone who has been voting, it's making it very interesting to watch this bracket!

Happy 25 Days of LOTR!

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  1. I admire Eomer for doing the opposite of what annoyed me in Faramir. I'm not a fan of rebellion, but when your orders come from despair, or someone who is the clearly evil advisor, I appreciate a little ignoring of said orders. He was always loyal, and everything he did was for his king and country. But he put Rohan first, and while he obviously hated displeasing his king, he realized that the duty of the 'royal family' was first and foremost, to their kingdom.
    In the film adaptation, he is rather broody and not very nice (but I'm a sucker for sarcastic people), but in the book (while still a bit of a downer) he is a good deal more pleasant. His tiny feud with Gimli, his admiration for Aragorn, his love for his sister. One of my favourite moments of his is on the Pelennor Fields, when he think Eowyn has died, and kind of goes berserk, leading a sudden charge on the orcs. (His pain at finding Eowyn is VERY well represented in the movie [that scream gets me every time] but the fact that he takes it out in a final stand is often forgotten).

    I suppose I should say something nice about Glorfindel, but that guy always sort of bothered me. He's too good to be true, I guess? I feel that way about a lot of the elves (which is one of the reasons Silmarillion is so satisfying), that it's hard to love them, because there is absolutely no reason not to. I'm not really making any sense, but there it is. I am much more taken with the Prince of Dol Amroth (he is right under Beregond in the list of favourite non-fellowship people). You married into an awesome family, Eomer.

    Rambling finished, I vote for Eomer.

  2. Once again, a tough choice.

    Eomer certainly gets more time devoted to him in the books (and DEFINITELY in the movies), so we get to know him a little better than Glorfindel.
    Eomer, despite his initial prickly-ness, was a huge relief to me when I first read the stories because the Fellowship finally found an ally willing to help, who had stayed strong in his convictions despite the influence of Sauron. The elves lent their aid, true, but they didn't send out their armies to fight for Middle Earth. Eomer and his troops had far less power than the elves, but they accomplished great good through their bravery and willingness to stand.

    Glorfindel, on the other hand, has a HUGE advantage because if I'm being honest, I had a bit of a crush on him in my early LOTR days. I love his purity, goodness, and bravery. His past is grand and incredible, but so ambiguous that it leaves a lot of room for the reader to wonder and speculate. He is among the last of the great elves of old, and his status as such is both intriguing and inspiring. I liked it that despite his high rank, he seemed very normal and approachable.

    In the end, I feel Eomer ought to win simply because he had more of an impact on the plot. Without Glorfindel, Frodo might not have survived Act 1 of the Fellowship of the Ring. But without Eomer, Rohan- and therefore Gondor- might not have survived at all, regardless of Frodo's success with the Ring.

    1. Alright, interesting points made all around.

  3. I love √Čomer. I admire him for his courage in standing up against Wormtongue. However, I'm going to vote for Glorfindel, whom I also love. I belong to the "two Glorfindels are one and the same" camp, so I'm voting for him on the grounds of his offering his life for the safety of the women and children of Gondolin. I have to admit I have a horror of the thought of burning to death, and since Glorfindel tangled with a Balrog, a creature of flame, to save the innocent, I greatly admire him.

    1. Oh I just adore everything Gondolin-related <3

  4. As much as I love Eomer, I have to say my vote goes to Glorfindel. I mean, he's defeated a Balrog, defied the Ringwraiths, and helped to save the Ringbearer. Had he failed to save Earendil, Elrond would not have been born, and Imladris would not exist. He was also, with Aragorn's help, able to get Frodo across the Fords of Bruinen to the safety of Rivendell.

    But, since Eomer was one of my first literary crushes, I'll say sometime nice about him, too. I know Eomer was important during the War of the Ring, and I think he's totally awesome. (I love how he defies the corsairs at the Pelennor Fields!) I can read the part with him and Eowyn in the Houses of Healing over and over again.:)

    I love both characters; it is just that I like it when the lesser-known characters come out on top.