Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Office

There once was a girl,
who was very, very stressed.
She thought she might hurl,
unless she took a brief rest.

She put down her notebook,
decided she needed a TV fix,
she decided to chance a look
at a little site called Netflix.

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Yes, I've fallen into the Netflix well and have been having a bit of a problem getting out of it.  The first show I really involved myself in was The Office, a well-known U.S. comedy based off the British version.

I was first introduced to this show by my sister Katie, who loves it, and I've heard great things about it and seen some funny clips.

I underestimated the power that a sitcom about a paper-selling office in Scranton, Pennsylvania could have.  To date I have seen all nine seasons, and I can't wait to re-watch (after just a bit of time has passed).

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The Odyssey Online

Probably the only thing that is preventing me from ravenously re-watching right now is the fact that the last couple seasons kind of let me down gently.  After (spoiler) Michael left, the show digressed just a bit, so I wasn't completely distraught when it ended.  If, on the other hand, the show had ended mid-season six, I might have collapsed.

But despite the last couple seasons being just a bit under par, the show on a whole is much better than any other I have seen.  I love how each of the characters has a distinct personality.  TV shows like Friends, which is a nice program, have "distinct" characters, but in my opinion, the characters are mostly gimmicky.  There's the crazy one, the hippie, the funny one, the realistic one, etc.

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But The Office had characters with depth.  Michael Scott is quite possibly the best developed sitcom character ever.  Sure, he has his shtick of being inappropriate at times and pretty unaware of social customs, but he isn't just a character to completely hate and shake your head at.  Everyone roots for Michael because he has a goal in life: to start a family.  Sure, he's a bit misguided, but everyone is hoping that things work out.

Dwight isn't just some weird country backwoods loon.  Yes, he has a weird backstory, but he also has goals and a heart.  He gets jealous just like everyone else, and falls in love (which he expresses in a way that not most would, but still).

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Even minor characters like Meredith have some depth to them.  Meredith isn't just the office drunk, she also has a son and I actually felt really bad when Michael hit her with his car.

The Office has a knack for hitting the audience with something unexpected.  A few minor spoilers ahead.  Who would have thought that Kevin just walking into the office would end in a ton of chili all over the carpet?  Or that Dwight would suddenly cut the head off a CPR dummy and harvest its organs?  These are completely random events that make me laugh just from sheer surprise.

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The Office, in addition to being completely hilarious, has really deep and emotional moments.  Jim and Pam's wedding is a great example of this.  Andy's song at the end brings me to tears every time.  But the best part of the series was when Michael proudly announces at Dwight and Angela's wedding that he has so many photos of his kids (finally!!) that he has two phones and pays two separate bills.

The Office may not be suited for everyone, by the way.  There are a few moments that might not be tasteful to some people.  These moments are fairly few and far between, but just be warned that this show isn't always completely clean.

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With that said, I would recommend this show to nearly anyone.  It's hilarious, heart-wrenching, and has one of the best theme songs of television history.  Stay tuned--I have a cover of it on the piano that I need to record and get up because I just love to play it.

Have you seen the Office?  Who is your favorite character?


  1. I love this show so much! I'm in the sixth season right now and I can't get enough of it. I wish it was a touch cleaner but besides that it's the best!!!!

  2. I watch it every now and then, though I'm still in season 1. My dad thinks the show is hilarious, and he too loved the character development of Michael Scott. :)

    1. I love how people of all ages can love the Office. Keep watching--it gets even better after season 1 :D