Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Phantom of the Opera 30-Day Challenge Day V

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Favorite part of the stage version?  Personally I like Phantom in stage form better than the film in almost every way.  Live singing is just so much more interesting to listen to, and it's more engaging.

I suppose the only downside to the stage version is that you can't see the actor's faces as closely, but when you have the combination of film and stage like in the 25th Anniversary, I think it makes the perfect medium.

My favorite part of the stage adaptation is the way that it's an opera within an "opera".  I love how Christine sings Think of Me to the audience, and then bows just like she would to the real opera house audience of Paris.  I also like how real backdrops fall on the stage at the beginning (the ones that frighten Carlotta) which is both alarming for the people on the "stage" and the audience watching the actual stage.  Does that make sense?

What's your favorite part??

Let the spectacle astound you!

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Shaun Clark


  1. I do really enjoy that live element. The Royal Albert Hall version is really cool.

    Though, actually, one thing I didn't care for much about the live version is that the Phantom appears to have actual magic, instead of being a mechanical genius. It takes away the "this could really have happened" element that was present in the book.