Saturday, February 25, 2017

5 Reasons Why I Love PowerPoint

There are so many reasons to love Windows' best program.  I've been using PowerPoint as long as I could type (probably since I was five or six) and it has helped me through countless digital challenges.  Half the things on this very blog would be nonexistent without the help of my favorite presentation making tool!


My sister Molly first taught me how to save images in PowerPoint when she enlisted my help in creating images for her encyclopedia article.  She had to make some figures for an entry in an encyclopedia, and didn't have much time to work on it.

Being the good little sister I am--and also being bribed with as much coffee as I wanted for the weekend--I dutifully researched how to create images in PowerPoint.

It is so easy!  You put together the images, then highlight using the control key, right click, and save as image.  I've used this technique to put together virtually all the title banners for this blog, all the buttons for different theme weeks, and title cards for some of my more aesthetic posts.

Person Using Laptop Computer during Daytime


Of course PowerPoint is renowned for it's seamless presentationabilty (I created a word!), and I have certainly put the system to work time and again.

I used to run a "publishing company" called Cooleo which "published" all my books and magazines when I was little, and periodically Cooleo would have board meetings.  These board meetings of course needed some agendas on screen and some talking points, and that's where PowerPoint came in.

I really think my board member enjoyed the presentations and learned a lot.  Hi Mom!


Before I had a real website, I dreamed of having a place on the internet I could call my own.  By the extensive use of action buttons, I was able to piece together official Cooleo websites, which, when in presentation mode, acted just like a website.

When you clicked on an action button, it would bring you to the slide just like the tabs above bring you to different pages.  I spent hours making these and really enjoyed playing around with them.  Who knows, maybe it's because of this early activity that I finally got a real website going!

Latin Lessons

I learned a spot of Latin last summer and continue to learn more.  I am teaching myself using a series called Little Latin Readers, and teaching yourself a language is usually pretty difficult in my opinion.

After I went through the book and took notes, I converted all my notes into aesthetic PowerPoint Presentations, recorded my voice going through the lessons and timed all the slides, and now I can rewatch them and they are like little personal video lessons and it's pretty helpful.


When I ran Cooleo News Network (a video series featuring seven or eight year old me giving the "news"), I needed some commercials of course, and that's where PowerPoint came in.

I made crazy animations using various images layered upon each other to make commercials for dog food, mattresses, cars, and even Cooleo Kitchen, my pretend restaurant.  I loved adding music to the commercials and timing everything so it ran smoothly.

PowerPoint is the most useful application on my computer aside from Google Chrome, and I don't know how I would have learned anything about computering (another new word!) without it.  

It combines images, sounds, timing, words, and aestheticism (why do I keep using that word...) into one beautiful program that I absolutely adore.

What is your favorite part of PowerPoint???

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  1. YES PowerPoint is my friend. My dear dear friend. It is so useful for so many things, and I love all the animations and stuff that you can do.