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Le Livre Est

An Update!

Even though I haven't given an update on the progress of my novel in awhile, I have been working on it.  As for the state of mon livre, all I can say is that...le livre est.  It's there, but it's not going places.  It's like a rocket that's built, but not full of fuel.

First off, I've been lacking a bit in the motivation department, and have been getting a bit side tracked.  To keep myself focused on le livre even when I wasn't in a "typing" mood, I created little book covers and graphic designs for what my novel may some day look like if I keep working on it.  It's pretty inspirational and helps me keep me focused.

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I've made some major progress as it pertains to characters.  The first draft really features little to no characterization, so I've been looking into making believable characters.  I now have a pretty standard idea of how I want to craft the characters, and what I want them to be like.

I used the different Meyers-Briggs personality types to formulate what traits are plausible to be found together.  I want my protagonist and love interest to be close to opposites, but still have some similarities within their personalities.  For that purpose, I am choosing the INTP personality for the love interest (introversion, intuition, thinking, perception) and the INJF personality for the protagonist (introversion, intuition, judgement, feeling).  They are similar in some ways, but have balancing ways of making decisions.

I took the personality test to see what personality I have, and I'm not making this up: I got the same one I had chosen for my protagonist earlier!  I guess I was subconsciously writing about what I already knew without even knowing it!

I created character boards with pictures of what I want the characters to maybe look like, and quotes I think fit with their personalities.  If you're interested in doing this for a project you're working on, I would recommend the PicCollage app which is really simple to use and looks pretty great.

I also have been working on developing subplots.  Mon livre is more like a novella (or a novellette, which is even shorter) at this point, and I need to boost the word count.  The subplots I'm working on are killing two birds with one stone: adding length, and depth.  

My manuscript now is a flat plane, but these subplots are each a layer that's going to make it into a cube.  Or rectangular prism.  Or regular hexagon.  Or a decagon!  Can you tell I'm in geometry?

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The main problem I'm running into with my book is a) where to start editing the actual manuscript I already have and b) how to get a driving force into my story.

Right now there is lots of character development, but there isn't as much of a sense of urgency as I wanted.  The whole science fiction aspect has been kind of neglected in order to focus on the characters, and I really need to work back in an overarching source of conflict and desperation in order to make the story more fast paced.

One step at a time.

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Every time I look at my manuscript, I get a bit overwhelmed.  I have an idea of what I want to add, but where do I start?  I've created new documents where I just start writing from scratch, I've pieced together little scenes to pop in the manuscript--but where exactly?

I've tried to outline the story using brightly colored flash cards (because they're fun!).  Green flashcards are main, plot driven events.  Orange flashcards are for one subplot involving the protagonist's brother.  Yellow flashcards are for the love subplot.  Pink flashcards are for crucial elements that drive the plot forward...aaaaand they remain untouched...whoops.

So, Nimrodel, you tell me, stop blogging and go work on ton livre!  And to that I say...fiiiiiiiiiiine.......

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