Saturday, December 31, 2016

Top 10 Books of 2016

The new year is wrapping up, and it's time to recap my favorite books I read for the first time in 2016.  These are books I read 2016, not necessarily books published in 2016.  I don't think I read a single book published this year...what can I say?  I like old books and I cannot lie.

Let's jump right in.

#10: The Philosophy of Tolkien

By: Peter J. Kreeft

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#9: The Divine Comedy

By: Dante Alighieri

#8: Witness to Hope

By: George Weigel 

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#7: Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien

By: Humphrey Carpenter

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#6: The History of the Medieval World

By: Susan Wise Bauer

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#5: Le Fantome de l'Opera

By: Gaston Leroux

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#4: Screwtape Letters

By: C.S. Lewis

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#3: Les Miserables

By: Victor Hugo

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#2: War and Peace

By: Leo Tolstoy

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#1: The Once and Future King

By: T.H. White

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My reviews of all the books I read over the course of 2016 are available in the Book Nook.


  1. These look like good books! I've started The Once and Future King but I haven't finished it yet. So far I've loved every bit of it though! It has such a whimsical voice, and yet it can also be very serious, which makes for an engaging read.

    1. I just adore it...and the ending *wipes tear*
      You absolutely MUST report back when you finish it :D

  2. A late comment(obviously), but yess!

    LES MIS. AHHH. I'm glad I found some one on the internet who loves it as much as I do. :D

    And The Screwtape Letters and The Once and Future King are on my TBR list, so I'm happy to see your endorsement. ;)

    Also, I see you're reading The Book Thief! My mom started reading it out-loud to my sister and I, but since we were making slow progress and I was eager to read it myself(and since my sister didn't like it too well), I'm going to finish it on my own. Hopefully soon! We'll have to trade opinions once we've both read it.

    (P.S. I'm sorry I haven't been commenting much lately. :/ Hopefully I'll be more frequent during the summer...)

    1. Ooh, I'm glad we have a lot of books in common we're reading!! You're absolutely right; we need to trade opinions when you finish The Book Thief.

      Oh no problem, things are busier for me this time of year also :)