Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Carrie Fisher

In Memoriam

You may know that Carrie Fisher passed away from a heart attack this morning at the age of 60.  She suffered the heart attack aboard a plane from London to LAX.

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Now my dad knows practically every actor in every movie, particularly older films.  Periodically he will call to me to inform me an actor he knows of has passed away.  Every time he does this, I usually just think, "oh, that's too bad," maybe say a quick prayer and get back to whatever I'm doing.

But every once in a while an actor I actually am familiar with and know a bit about will pass away, and things are a bit different.  

Today has a strange feeling about it because on the one hand, I have never met this actress, and I am not a huge super-fan or anything.  But on the other hand, I still feel sad that I won't be able to watch anymore funny interviews with her or anything like that.

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Just last month I saw her appear on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote her new book, and yeah, she aged, but she was still up and at 'em.  It's surprising how suddenly and how relatively young she was when she passed away.

It will be impossible to go back and watch the Star Wars trilogy without being reminded that one of the main character's likeness only exists in a few hours of space, and outside of that, we can't see her or hear her speak.  It's sad, really.  Episode VIII next year (which she finished filming recently) will be very different now that she's passed away.

Carrie Fisher wasn't a great role model in some cases, I would say, and she did some questionable things as a young person.  But she was charismatic and charming, beautiful, and very funny and I respect her for having these qualities.

I hope Carrie Fisher rests in peace and that in her last moments she looked back on her life and was happy with what she accomplished.  I hope she understands that she profoundly impacted many people and won't be forgotten for a long time.

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  1. I just heard the news this afternoon, and I was shocked. I still can't believe it. She was the youngest of the three, and just a few years older than my parents...

    It is sad, indeed. I know the strange feeling you mentioned ... I didn't know her personally, and she wasn't a good role model as far as her personal life was concerned, but, well, she was Princess Leia! In that capacity, she did have an impact on me. And she apparently overcame at least some of the problems she had when she was younger, so I can respect her for that.

    The original trilogy has been part of my life for the past eight years, and it's hard to believe someone so integral to the story is gone. I may not have known her, but I do feel a sense of loss.

    All we can do is pray for her soul. Requiescat in pace.

    - Ellen

  2. Well put, Ellen. Requiescat in pace et in amore.