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Prince Caspian

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C.S. Lewis
The Chronicles of Narnia
Geoffrey Bles, 1951

Peter, Susan, Lucy, and Edmund are summoned back to Narnia by the call of Susan's horn.  

They arrive on a beach and and as they are investigating, and find that they are where their old castle used to be.  To their dismay, the castle has been reduced practically to rubble over the long years they have been absent from Narnia.

I want to save my time actually analyzing this book, so I'll just get the Wikipedia summary in here.  If you've already read it and just want to know what I think about it, skip to the end of this post.

"The children intervene to rescue Trumpkin the dwarf from soldiers who have brought him to the ruins to drown him. Trumpkin tells the children that since their disappearance, a race of men called Telmarines have invaded Narnia, driving the Talking Beasts into the wilderness and pushing even their memory underground. Narnia is ruled by King Miraz and his wife Queen Prunaprismia, but the rightful king is Miraz's nephew, Prince Caspian, who has gained the support of the Old Narnians.

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The Chronicles of Narnia Wiki - Wikia

Miraz usurped the throne by killing his brother, Caspian's father King Caspian IX. Miraz tolerated Caspian as heir until his own son was born. Prince Caspian, until that point ignorant of his uncle's deeds, escaped from Miraz's Castle with the aid of his tutor Doctor Cornelius, who schooled him in the lore of Old Narnia, and gave him Queen Susan's horn. Caspian fled into the forest but was knocked unconscious when his horse bolted. He awoke in the den of a talking badger, Trufflehunter, and two dwarfs, Nikabrik and Trumpkin, who accepted Caspian as their king.

The badger and dwarves took Caspian to meet many creatures of Old Narnia. During a midnight council on Dancing Lawn, Doctor Cornelius arrived to warn them of the approach of King Miraz and his army; he urged them to flee to Aslan's How in the great woods near Cair Paravel. The Telmarines followed the Narnians to the How, and after several skirmishes the Narnians appeared close to defeat. At a second war council, they discussed whether to use Queen Susan's horn, and whether it would bring Aslan or the Kings and Queens of the golden age. Not knowing where help would arrive, they dispatched Pattertwig the Squirrel to Lantern Waste and Trumpkin to Cair Paravel; it is then that Trumpkin was captured by the Telmarines and rescued by the Pevensies.

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Trumpkin and the Pevensies make their way to Caspian. They try to save time by travelling up Glasswater Creek, but lose their way. Lucy sees Aslan and wants to follow where he leads, but the others do not believe her and follow their original course, which becomes increasingly difficult. In the night, Aslan calls Lucy and tells her she must awaken the others and insist they follow her on Aslan's path. When the others obey, they begin to see Aslan's shadow, then Aslan himself. Aslan sends Peter, Edmund, and Trumpkin ahead to Aslan's How to deal with treachery brewing there, and follows with Susan and Lucy.

Peter, Edmund, and Trumpkin enter Aslan's How; they overhear Nikabrik and his confederates, a Hag and a Wer-Wolf, trying to convince Caspian, Cornelius, and Trufflehunter to help them resurrect the White Witch in hopes of using her power to defeat Miraz. A fight ensues, and Nikabrik and his comrades are slain.

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Peter challenges Miraz to single combat; the army of the victor in this duel will be considered the victor in the war. Miraz accepts the challenge, goaded by Lords Glozelle and Sopespian. Miraz loses the combat, but Glozelle and Sopespian declare that the Narnians have cheated and stabbed the King in the back while he was down. They command the Telmarine army to attack, and in the commotion that follows, Glozelle stabs Miraz in the back. Aslan, accompanied by Lucy and Susan, summons the gods Bacchus and Silenus, and with their help brings the woods to life. The gods and awakened trees turn the tide of battle and send the Telmarines fleeing. Discovering themselves trapped at the Great River, where their bridge has been destroyed by Bacchus, the Telmarines surrender.

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The Chronicles of Narnia Wiki - Wikia

Aslan gives the Telmarines a choice of staying in Narnia under Caspian or returning to Earth, their original home. After one volunteer disappears through the magic door created by Aslan, the Pevensies go through to reassure the other Telmarines, though Peter and Susan reveal to Edmund and Lucy that they are too old to return to Narnia. The Pevensies find themselves back at the railway station."

I really enjoyed this book.  I liked the character of Prince Caspian, who was curious and very brave.  I also love his name "Cahss-pee-ehn".

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The Lion's Call

I liked how grand the story line was.  The Telmarines are maybe one of the most insurmountable forces that have been encountered in these books, or at least they felt that way to me.  I think it was a great idea to have one of the main characters be a Telmarine and have his backstory explain how formidable the power of that group is.

Peter was a very admirable character in this book, particularly when he challenged the king to a duel.  I felt that this was a very noble thing for the former king to come and do.  In a sense this was the Return of the King for Peter in a couple ways.  

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First off, he had to come back to his country that had been torn apart and conquered and reclaim it, like Aragorn did.  But second of all, and probably the most emotional part of the book for me, he had to leave Narnia (same for Susan) never to return.

Susan and Peter took the parting surprisingly well, better than I did.  I found it really hard to accept that those two characters (arguably my favorite Pevensies) would not be coming back into Narnia again.  

So you've made it this far into The Chronicles of Narnia, and you owe it to yourself to finish it off.  I recommend this book, especially if you've already gotten through the rest.  This is one of my favorites so far!


  1. THis is a great book, and you're right- the Telmarines are some of the best villains that the Narnians face.

    And I had SUCH a crush on Caspian when I was younger. I like his name too!

    1. They definitely intimidated me as a reader!