Friday, November 25, 2016

Dream Crate

I recently found out about the monthly subscription service Loot Crate and that they were looking for fans to come up with what they would love to see in a future crate.

If you're unfamiliar with Loot Crate, basically you subscribe on the website and you are sent a crate filled with nerdy merchandise each month.

My dream crate theme is high fantasy, and I totally have lots of ideas!!

The first thing I would include, is this Tree of Gondor T-shirt.  

Image result for lord of the rings t shirts

You can't love high fantasy without knowing a fair amount about The Lord of the Rings, the father of it all!  We all know that Gondor is the best, is it not??  I have this T-shirt and I really love it because to the regular person, it looks just like a normal graphic design, but to real fellow fans it's a beacon of friendship.

Image result for one ring keychain
File 770

This is a One Ring Keychain.  Enough has been said.

Just be careful that no one steals it.  It's very precioussssss.....

Image result for game of thrones stark bobble head
Winter is Coming

Ned Stark Bobblehead

I don't know much about Game of Thrones and I haven't seen it due to it's violent and graphic nature, but I can't put together a high fantasy crate without including a shout out to the modern best seller.

From what I can gather, Ned Stark is by far the best character and who wouldn't want a bobble head of him??  Plus (quite morbidly) you can take the head off the bobble head because Ned was decapitated...yikes.

High fantasy often invokes medieval themes or settings, and so I give you...

...chain mail mittens!!  

Image result for chainmail oven mitt

Technically Harry Potter is not high fantasy, but it is one of the most popular fantasy franchises around.  Plus, who wouldn't love to have a 

Harry Potter wand?

Image result for harry potter wand

What would you put in your dream crate???


  1. Chain mail mittens! That's awesome!! XD

    1. Thanks!! I fell in love with them the moment I saw them.

  2. The chain mail mittens are so cool! And that One Ring key chain! Is subscribing to the Loot Crate free?

    1. No, unfortunately it's not. I am pretty sure you pay a monthly fee.