Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Did You Know...Medieval Edition

Did you know...

The term "peasant" was not used in England until at least the 15th century.  It is, in fact, a French word based off paisent meaning "country dweller"

30 locals and 60 students from Oxford University were killed during a brawl in 1355 fought over the quality of a local tavern's drinks

The existence of witches and witchcraft was denied by mainstream Christianity as Pagan superstition and only became a popular belief in the 1400s

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Long-toed shoes were fashionable for men but made it very hard for them to run

"Mob football" or soccer played with a pig bladder was banned in England circa 1314 by the king because it was too violent

"Blood of porpoise" was listed as an ingredient in a certain 14th century cook book called The Form of Cury(e)

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Every male in England was forced to practice archery for two hours every Sunday by King Edward III

A few mice were once publicly tried for contributing to crop failure, convicted, and sentenced

Some products used to make bread would mold over time and could cause symptoms similar to taking LSD and death

In the 1390s men would sometimes wear corsets

There are a few known cases of pigs eating children in the Middle Ages

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Source: The Middle Ages Unlocked: A Guide to Life in Medieval England, 1050–1300


  1. The mold you speak of is argot. Not just individual villages but entire regions woyld suffer huge loss of life from argot poisoning. Just depended on the weather. Rye was more easily affected than wheat.

  2. At one point it was a cardinal sin to believe in witches then later a cardinal sin not to believe in them. The punishment of course was death.

    1. Hmm, interesting. I knew that it was a popular belief, but are you sure it was a cardinal sin if you didn't believe it?

  3. Interesting facts! This was a fun post. My mom always told me that if I wasn't careful around pigs, they might eat me. I believe it- though a lot of pigs are docile and friendly, when they lack in vitamins or proper food, or when they've acquired a taste for blood, they'll tear you to pieces. 0_0

    1. Why, thank you! *shudders* Pigs are not always the cute little pink pets Charlotte's Web makes them out to be!