Thursday, September 1, 2016

Scheduling Angst

Why, French?  Why???

Some of you may know that I originally registered for Spanish 1 at the end of the last school year and throughout the summer decided I want to switch to French.  So naturally, I emailed my counselor.  She responded to me three days later telling me that she had switched me into French.  

You would think this would make me happy, but I didn't really want to switch because I had a lot of questions for her which I wanted to discuss before switching, but now I am in the class with practically no way out.  

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The main problem with being in French is that since few people in my high school take French, there are less hours that it is taught.  So, for example, if the only French 1 period is Hour 1, I can not take any other class in Hour 1 (since a foreign language is required to graduate).  If orchestra is also in Hour 1, I would have to drop orchestra.  I don't want to drop orchestra or any class!!

It looks like this year there won't be any conflicts since my counselor just switched me in easily, but it could cause problems later on in high school which is very stressful for me.  Furthermore, it is much easier to switch into French than to switch out since French classes are usually never full but Spanish is usually pretty stuffed.

So I emailed my counselor again asking if I could go in to talk to her about it before school starts on Tuesday.  She hasn't responded yet.

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I checked my new schedule online, and sure enough, I was in French.  However, I suddenly didn't have English listed anymore.  I had every class except English and I knew that wasn't right.  After panicking about it for a few hours, I realized it's because I had geography and life fitness in the same trimester.

I am supposed to take two trimesters of geography and one of life fitness (phys ed, basically) but somehow they got pushed into the same trimester which is also not right.  One of those classes needs to be popped into another trimester so I can take English.

Now I am desperate to talk to my counselor, but the whole office is so busy getting ready for school.  Even when things sort themselves out for the beginning of the year, the whole French business could cause issues further down the road.

Woo.  I need to take a deep breath.  I hope this all works out!!

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  1. Man... am I sure glad I homeschooled. You guys have got it tough! 0_0

    1. It's tricky, but I got switched into English today so I think things are beginning to work out :)

    2. Excellent. English was one of my favorite classes in school. :D

    3. I am really looking forward to it!

  2. Oh no! That really stinks... I'll pray that you get a response quickly ;)

    I agree with you, Emmarayn! XD

    1. Thank you! And your prayer was answered; I am in English and everything is where it should be :D