Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Book Marathon VI

So...about yesterday...

It was my first day of high school, so can you blame me for neglecting the book marathon (don't answer that)?

For those of you wondering, the first day was great: my teachers all seem really cool and I think I'll be able to manage my classes.  The only bad things that happened were that a pin either fell or was stolen off of my backpack (it was that snazzy Legend of Zelda: Windwaker one I posted a picture of) and also I only had about three seconds from the time I got my lunch to the time lunch was over.  I was hungry.

Anyway I am finally caught up on the book marathon since I had a lot of time to read this afternoon in between tennis matches.  It felt good to be reacquainted with the whimsy of Bilbo Baggins' Middle-earth and I particularly enjoyed the Elves' song in Rivendell:

O!  What are you doing,
And where are you going?
Your ponies need shoeing!
The river is flowing!
O! tra-la-la-lally
here down in the valley!

O!  What are you seeking,
And where are you making?
The faggots are reeking,
The bannocks are baking!
O! tril-lil-lil-lolly
the valley is jolly,
ha! ha!

O!  Where are you going
With beards all a-wagging?
No knowing, no knowing
What brings Mister Baggins
And Balin and Dwalin
down into the valley
in June
ha! ha!

O! Will you be staying
Or will you be flying?
Your ponies are straying!
The daylight is dying!
To fly would be folly,
To stay would be jolly
And listen and hark
Till the end of the dark
to our tune
ha! ha!

This is such an odd song to be singing, especially in light of the solemn and somber presentation of Elves we get in The Sil and The Lord of the Rings.  I for one think it is a demonstration of the childlike quality that makes the Hobbit different from Tolkien's other works.

And now, a trivia question for all you book marathoners (and even if you aren't participating).  Try to answer this question without looking in your book for an answer:

How many total riddles to Bilbo and Gollum ask each other (combined)?

Who ever gets the correct answer first earns the title "O ___________ the Tremendous"!

How is your book marathon going?  Are you on track?


  1. I'm gonna say that combined they ask ten riddles, including the "What have I got in my pocket?"

    1. Congratulations, O Benita the Tremendous! The correct answer is 11, if you include Bilbo's last riddle, "what have I got in my pockets?". Since you were so close, you win!!