Saturday, September 10, 2016

Book Marathon IX

A Long Expected Party

Guess who didn't read at all today?  Yes, it's me...

I thought to myself: Mom's going to Grandma and Grandpa's, and Dad is playing golf with his siblings, so I will have the whole house to myself--nice and quiet for lots of reading.  That was this morning.

What actually happened was I took advantage of the fact my house was empty by blasting Les Mis and doing a power cleaning-session.  To be fair, though I don't have any reading done, I do have a clean house now.

The weather is also incredible right now, so I got into the fall spirit and made a few centerpieces and decorations which took up a lot of my time.

Needed a place to put onions,
garlic, and a gourd.  Thus was
this little hangy display born.
Someone in the neighborhood randomly
placed this iron stand near our door,
so I made some little candles 

A bowl of apples, an old Christmas wreath, and some
popcorn seeds created this little centerpiece.

And now, here I am, with no pages read.

Tomorrow looks like it's going to be a lot of reading which is fine by me.  I would read tonight but I already promised Mom I would watch Les Mis with her (I was originally planning on watching with friends--who asked if they could come over and watch this morning--but then they said they had other plans which is kind of lame; why even ask me if you already have plans?? This is made even worse by the fact that I already bought a lot of snacks and stuff for them.  But now Mom and I get to eat ice cream and pizza mwhahaha!!)

Who needs friends when you have your mom? XD

Image result for forever alone

I hope your book marathon is going super well!  

Congratulations to Meredith, Child of the Kindly West, for answering yesterday's trivia question most correctly.  The exact last line of The Hobbit is:

"'Thank goodness!' said Bilbo laughing, and handed him [Gandalf] the tobacco-jar."

Today's trivia question is:

How many pages are in The Hobbit (state your answer and the edition you are guessing about)?

The winner earns the title "Honest Burglar" for one day.  Comment your answer below :)


  1. Ummm 351 in the Ballantine Books edition? Total guess. XD

    1. Yay you win (since no one else answered, but it's a win nonetheless)!! Congratulations, "Honest Burglar" :D

  2. Ok... so how long IS the Balantine Books edition?

    1. 304 pages in the special book club edition.

  3. Lol off by a lot! Mine is 306, but still off by a lot. ;)

    1. Oh, it's not so bad. Thanks for taking a guess!