Friday, September 9, 2016

Book Marathon Day VIII

A Long Expected Party

I finished The Hobbit!  I am now officially 2/5 of the way through the book marathon and right on track.  There are thirteen days left which means I have about seventy-five pages, give or take a couple, to read each day.  

The end of The Hobbit was just as adorable and comfortable as I remember it, and going back to Bag End with Bilbo felt like I was returning home with him.   I guess you could say that Bilbo is not the only person who changes throughout the course of The Hobbit!  Every time I read the book I recognize something I didn't see before and there are so many layers of meaning to unpack each time.

Image result for bilbo auction gif
Whoa, I just realized this is a chapter of The Hobbit; Not at Home.
Do you think the film makers put this in on purpose like they did with other
chapter titles (A Shortcut to Mushrooms, Riddles in the Dark, etc.)?

I'm really looking forward to starting The Fellowship of the Ring tomorrow because I really love the chapter The Shadow of the Past.  It seems so mysterious and enthralling and is one of my favorites.  I'm not particularly excited for the Tom Bombadil chapters since Tom is not one of my favorite characters, but I am hoping to look for more clues as to Tom's identity as I go through.

Where are you in the marathon?  Don't worry if you're falling behind a little bit--the weekend is coming up and remember I'm always here to offer tips.

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Congratulations to Benita who won the trivia question again (sort of by default--come on guys, take a stab at it this time please!).  Today's trivia question is:

What is the last sentence of The Hobbit

The winner gets the title "Child of the Kindly West" for one day.  Good luck!


  1. Wow! You have my respect. :) I am sadly behind on the challenge, but I'm trying to not get stressed out and focus on enjoying the books and keeping up with the rest of my life. Whatever happens I know this challenge will help me to finish the series much faster than I did the last time I read it.

    Hmm, about the movie quote: maybe? I'm not sure...

    I'm on "A Journey in the Dark" from FotR, which, as I told you, I started first.

    Ummm...this may be completely wrong, but is it something like: "I hope not!" said Bilbo as he passed the snuff box. (If that's 100% random, excuse my ignorance. xD)

    1. Don't worry if you fall behind; what matters is reading the books and appreciating them :D

      Oh, that's great progress! Keep me updated :)

      Good guess! You're very close and since you are the closest (out of one...) you win the title! Congratulations, O Child of the Kindly West!!