Friday, September 2, 2016

Book Marathon Day I

Happy book marathon day, everyone!!  How exciting!  First off, you will recall I chose September 2nd as the start day because it is the anniversary of Tolkien's passing.  Before we get caught up in the excitement of the marathon, let's take some time to remember the professor and appreciate his work.

Image result for tolkien quote on death

With that said, who is thrilled the marathon is starting??  I know I am!  Because I'm so excited, I've been reading a lot and I haven't had much time to write so this post is going to be a bit short.  Tomorrow I will take a step back and review my experience a bit more, but I can't stop reading!  The struggle is real.  How is your book marathon going?  Or maybe you don't have time to say because you're reading so much ;)


  1. Oh...The Silmarillion was first? I'm so sorry, I had the impression we were reading The Hobbit first. But yeah, this order would make sense...

    Actually I decided to skip The Hobbit if that's okay because I've read it lots of times, it's not my favorite(although I do love it) and I'm reading it in the spring/late winter for school.

    So I started right on Lord of the Rings. Do you mind if I go to The Silmarillion after LotR and still try to get LotR and The Silmarillion in before Sept. 22?

    Oh, and the other thing is I'm going to focus on keeping things in perspective and not freaking out if some of the reading spills out of the intended time period. Is it okay if I participate with the acknowledgement I may not be able to pull it off?

    1. It's totally fine--do whatever works for you! Good luck!!