Friday, August 19, 2016

The Quest of of the Holy Grail

Severe Spoilers Ahead

The Quest of the Holy Grail is one of the many tails involving King Arthur and his knights of the round table.  The story begins when Galahad comes and assumes his place on the Siege Perilous.  Soon after knights are called upon to seek the Holy Grail, the cup that Christ used at the Last Supper.

The Holy Grail is often connected directly to the person of Christ so that you could say when the knights are desperately seeking the Grail, they are really secretly looking for God.

Many knights attempt the quest but the story only follows up on four, Percivale, Bors de Gannis, Galahad, and Launcelot.  Launcelot make it close to the Grail but cannot see it because he is impure on account of his sin with Guinever.

Percivale succeeds in reaching the Grail but it is not free.  His sister dies after giving her blood so that a sick maiden can live.  I always find this part very touching and Percivale's sister is one of my favorite characters for her self-sacrifice.

Bors de Gannis is unique because aside from him all of the knights who achieve the quest are "pure" yet Bors de Gannis had sinned in the past, but he repented and was still allowed to go on the quest.

Galahad is Launcelot's son, completely free of sin and wholly pure.  He succeeds in the quest easily and worthily.

The three knights who achieve the quest go onto the barge and see the Grail, renewed with hope and holiness.  Launcelot, meanwhile, is very distraught that though he is "the best knight" and everyone had expected him to achieve the quest, yet he could not.  He confesses his sin with Guinever to a hermit in the woods, but as we will see in the rest of Le Mort d'Arthur, he is unable to stay clean.

Have you read The Quest of the Holy Grail?  Who is your favorite grail seeker?

Are you planning on reading The Quest of the Holy Grail?  What made you decide to read it?

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