Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Power of Costa Rican Coffee

My sister Molly recently got back after a three-month journey through Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatamala...okay I'm not entirely sure where she went, but basically she was all over Central America.  She is a professor of...uh some fancy title I can't remember but that is related to Spanish...and her in-laws also live in Mexico so she and her husband often travel around during their summer vacations.  You know that game, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?  It should really be called Where in the World is Molly? because it's hard to keep track of where she is travelling.

She just got back yesterday and brought me this giant bag of coffee from Costa Rica.

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The Costa Rican coffee with Beary the Bear

You can see a tiny little incision on the front where a customs officer had to cut open the bag to make sure my sister wasn't smuggling drugs.  Luckily, it's just really good coffee.

I knew from the moment Molly set this giant bag in my hand that it was going to be fantastic.  I've heard a ton about coffee from Costa Rica and Brazil but I've never been able to have an authentic blend.  Just holding it an arm's distance away you can smell how potent it is and yummy!!

It's Sunday so I've allowed myself an extra special treat.  Whoa.  This coffee is rich.  It's not like water painted black with little powdery pockets floating around.  This is legitimate silk coffee.  You would never wear something over a beautiful silk blouse which is why I refuse to add any cream or sugar to this perfection.  

I don't even want to eat anything while I drink this because it might cover up the powerful taste.  I keep the bag in my room because it makes everything smell amazing.  This needs to be made into a perfume.

What is the best blend of coffee you ever had? 

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