Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth Review

Mild Spoilers Ahead
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Like the Catechism of the Catholic Church, this useful handbook for teens focuses on (1) the Creed (2) the Sacraments (3) Morality and (4) Prayer.

Each chapter is full of useful vocabulary words every Catholic should know as well as biographies of saints and practical ways that teens can include their faith in real life.  The book is laid out in a very simple way in opposition to the wacky designs of some contemporary textbooks, which is something I really appreciated about it.

The writing was age appropriate--relevant, but (with only a couple exceptions) not trying too hard to "fit in" or be too desperate to sound "teen-y".  Believe me, it is extremely obstreperous to be talked down to in a textbook and I was thankful this handbook was different.

The final section of the book is full of the central prayers of Christianity as well as lots of vocabulary words, FAQs, etc.  I could definitely see myself turning back to this index when I need to check facts about Catholicism.

Furthermore, there are several reflection questions at the end of each chapter that I think are very useful not only after private reading but also during class sessions as discussion starters.

Overall, everything from the writing style to the art chosen, and the layout was very pleasing about this handbook and I recommend this for any one, but particularly teens and in especial those preparing for Confirmation.

Have you read The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth?  What was your favorite section?

Are you going to read The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth?  Are you going to read it on your own or in a class?

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