Friday, August 19, 2016

The Canterbury Tales

Mild Spoilers Ahead

The Canterbury Tales is one of the most influential and most studied pieces of medieval literature.  It was written by Geoffery Chaucer and tells the tale of a group of pilgrims journeying to Canterbury.  Each pilgrim shares a tale of theirs as they ride.

The Canterbury Tales are notoriously hard to read--the spelling and formatting for one thing is very foreign to a lot of contemporary English speakers which can make this a challenging read.  The stories are also notoriously graphic and even Geoffery Chaucer puts a warning in the prologue.  There are a lot of very descriptive passages of disgusting things done by characters.

I would not recommend this book to a casual reader, but if you are really interested in medieval literature this is a must read.  It is really important to have a good summary with you as you read, or a version with very good annotations because it is almost impossible to read it cover to cover and have a good understanding of what happened.

Here are some of the tales:
  • Knight's tale
  • Miller's prologue
  • Miller's tale
  • Reeve's prologue
  • Reeve's tale
  • Cook's prologue
  • Cook's tale
  • Lawyer's introduction
  • Lawyer's prologue
  • Lawyer's tale
  • Lawyer's epilogue
  • Wife of Bath's prologue
  • Words between the summoner and the friar - The wife of Bath's tale
  • Friar's prologue
  • Friar's tale
  • Summoner's prologue
  • Summoner's tale
  • Student's prologue
  • Student's tale
  • Chaucer's envoy
  • Merchant's prologue
  • Merchant's tale
  • Merchant's epilogue.Squire's introduction
  • Squire's tale
  • Words of the franklin to the squire, and of the host to the franklin
  • Franklin's prologue
  • Franklin's tale
  • Physician's tale
  • Pardoner's introduction
  • Pardoner's prologue
  • Pardoner's tale
  • Skipper's tale
  • Words of the host to the skipper and the lady prioress
  • Prioress's prologue
  • Prioress's tale
  • Prologue of Sir Topaz
  • Tale of Sir Topaz
  • Prologue of the tale of Melibee
  • Tale of Melibee
  • Monk's prologue
  • Monk's tale
  • Nun's priest's prologue
  • Nun's priest's tale
  • Nun's priest's epilogueSecond nun's prologue
  • Second nun's tale
  • Canon's yeoman's prologue
  • Canon's yeoman's tale
  • Manciple's prologue
  • Manciple's tale
  • Parson's prologue
  • Parson's tale
  • Chaucer's retraction.
Have you read the Canterbury Tales?  Did you have problems with comprehension?

Are you planning on reading the Canterbury Tales?  How are you going to ensure you understand everything?

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