Thursday, August 18, 2016

T-minus 15 Days!

15 Days Until the Book Marathon!
Only 15 days until the beginning of the Lord of the Rings book marathon here at Lover of Lembas.  In case you forget, here are the guidelines (they can be altered slightly):
  • Read The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings within the 20 day period between September 2nd (the anniversary of Tolkien's death) and September 22nd (Bilbo and Frodo's birthday, as well as Hobbit day)
  • Keep the Lover of Lembas community updated via commenting or writing about your marathon experience on your own blog
  • Encourage others to participate!
Marathoners from last year (although I think I was literally the only one) will remember the book mark templates, and yes, there is a new one for this year.  

Just print out the following photo (you can adjust the size if you want it larger or smaller), cut out the images, place them back to back, and use packaging tape to tape them together (I recommend wrapping them in one big strip on the outside so it gives it a laminated feeling).

Are you going to marathon?  

And the button template from last year!

I created pins for the marathon and for Lover of Lembas in general by printing off small circular images.  You can buy small plastic button cases at JoAnn's or another craft store and then you just put the paper inside the circles.  Instead of giving out a button template like I did last year I think it would be lots of fun to have everyone create their own and then we can share what they look like!  To keep them all somewhat similar, let's make sure they include the following information:
  • the words "Book Marathon" in some form or fashion
  • something about the dates September 2nd-22nd
If you're looking for other things to write:
  • the names of the books you'll be doing
Share a picture of your button once it's made!  Here is the picture of the two buttons I made:

Property of Lover of Lembas
Remember to keep September 2nd marked on your calendar!  The book marathon approacheth...

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