Saturday, August 6, 2016

Silmarillion Summer Olympics

The following competitors are ready to represent their respective realms in the First Age Olympics:

Luthien Tinuviel

Realm of Doriath

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Luthien has won renown all over Beleriand for her grace and skill.  Her fellow teammates of Doriath describe first seeing her at the Doriath try-outs:

"The leaves were long, the grass was green,
The hemlock-umbels tall and fair,
And in the glade a light was seen
Of stars in shadow shimmering.
Tinuviel was dancing there
To music of a pipe unseen,
And light of stars was in her hair,
And in her raiment glimmering."
-Head Coach, J.R.R. Tolkien

She will be the competitor to beat this year at the First Age Olympics.

King Amroth

Realm of Lorien

Marathon Swimming

King Amroth is a unique competitor because he practices swimming by taking a ship far into the ocean, jumping off, and hoping he can make it to the shore.  

Legend has it he first discovered his love of swimming when he was sailing into the West but realized that his love Nimrodel had not boarded the ship and was left behind in Middle-earth.

He leaped off the ship and that's how we know our favorite for the marathon swimming category of this Age's Olympics.

Tulkas Astaldo

Realm of Valinor


Tulkas' try out spurred months of controversy among the Olympic committee who could not agree whether it was fair or not to allow a Vala to compete.  Eventually the committee agreed to allow it, and Tulkas was admitted into the wrestling event.   

Tulkas has been known to never shy away from an opponent, and just recently beat one of the most formidable contenders of the North:  "Then Tulkas stood forth as a champion of the Valar and wrestled with him [Morgoth]..."

Turin Turambar

Realm of Brethil


Turin's enrollment in the Games also spurred some controversy.  Management from Doriath claimed that Turin had used their training facilities and coaches and that it was unfair for him to compete against them.  Turin disputed the claim, saying that his power was his own and he owed no one.  Turin is renowned for his skill in fencing, and his fans call him "the Black Sword".  He is expected to preform well, though he is not well-liked among the Olympians here.

Beleg Strongbow

Realm of Doriath


Beleg comes from a long line of archers, and his parents even named him "strongbow".  He is known for shooting a large bow, made of yew wood, called Belthronding.  He is also known to dabble in other sports, especially fencing (his signature sword is Anglachel) and several other events.  He is a favorite today at the Games and expected to preform well.

Beren Erchamion 

Realm of Doriath

Cycling- Mountain Bike

Beren is no stranger to the mountains, and is known for biking trails that no other mortals would dare attempt, namely the forests of Dungortheb.  Beren is also known for having a strained relationship with the Doriath Olympic management, but he eventually petitioned them and was allowed to compete:

"My fate, O King, led me hither, through perils such as few even of the Elves would dare."

Nienor Niniel

Realm of Brethil


(This one's a bit morbid so beware)

Nienor first made a "splash" at the Olympic try outs when she became the first person to dive at the Crossings of the Teiglin.  

She is also known for her skill in running, particularly through the woods and especially when witless.  She used her running skills at Olympics past to find her husband, the Black Sword, and to escape the stare of Glaurung.  This year she opted to compete in diving, a change for her, but she is expected to do well overall.

Team Teleri

Realm of Alqualonde 


Team Teleri is known for their sailing skills, rivaled only by those of the Numenorians.  They have recently filed a report against the Noldorin Team for sabotage after the disappearance of their equipment.  Upon investigation, the Noldor have been banned collectively from competing in the Games and returning to Valinor.  Team Teleri is expected to do well, even with the reported loss of their ships.

Remember to watch all these events live on the Palantir TV Network and root for your favorite teams!


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