Monday, August 22, 2016

Rediscover Jesus Review

Mild Spoilers Ahead
Rediscover Jesus is a short book (less than 200 pages) written by prominent Catholic writer Matthew Kelly.  It is divided into 40 sections and meant either to be read cover to cover or as a daily reflection throughout Lent.  It focuses on bringing Jesus out of the domestic, mundane, every-day name and putting special emphasis on his radical nature and novel ideas.

I got this book for free after attending a Church mission speech, but I have to admit that I personally probably would not have bought this book on my own.

It's a very simple book and a quick read--I read it all in one sitting--with nothing extremely groundbreaking or powerful.  However, it is nice to be reminded of certain aspects of Jesus' life each day, so I think this book is beneficial in this way.

While I don't think this book really benefited me hugely as I was reading it, I'm sure that to someone else this book would make all the difference.

The best part of the book, in my opinion, was that at the end of each chapter a little box included a "point to ponder", bible verse, and idea for prayer.  I think these little additions could be very helpful, particularly in Lent.

So do I recommend this book?  I would say it sort of depends where you are.  If you're a huge theological nut who is reading Thomas Aquinas and Augustine, this book probably won't rock your world and might be a tad dry.  If, however, you are just starting to get acquainted with the Bible, trying to get into a prayer habit, or are looking for brief reading for every day, I would say this book is right for you.

Have you read Rediscover Jesus?  What was your opinion?

Are you going to read Rediscover Jesus?  Why do you want to read it?

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