Friday, August 26, 2016

One Week to Go

The Book Marathon is only a week away!!

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Some tips for the marathon:

Set a page number goal--add up all the pages in the books you plan to read and divide by twenty.

Fudge your page number goal; if you're reading The Hobbit, you may get more pages done than if you're reading The Silmarillion, so don't worry if you don't exactly meet your goal one day and if you're in the mood, certainly go over your goal rather than limit yourself.

Find a comfortable spot to read; if you're reading right next to your phone or your computer, chances are you will get distracted by them, so try reading somewhere quiet and secluded.

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Take time to make sure you really comprehend what you're reading.  Most of us have read at least one of the books we are planning on including in the marathon, so there is always the temptation to kind of accept that we know the story and just skim across the actual words.  While this may go a bit faster than actually reading initially, eventually you will lose interest since you're not really getting much out of the actual book.  This will cause you to resent the reading and procrastinate.

Read in every nook and crannie of time you can find!  Don't worry if you can't finish a whole chapter or even a whole page.  If you have a couple minutes, read a little bit because it will add up in the end.

Keep checking in with other book marathoners.  Keeping up with other people doing the same challenge as you will keep you motivated and you will find lots of tips.  I definitely recommend checking back here--daily book marathon posts pending--and also the new Google+ collection of little book marathon moments.

Document your own book marathon experience.  Last year, I would sum up everything I had read that day and it would help me get a handle on where I was and what I needed to get done for the rest of the day.

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Stay positive!  Don't give up even if you fall a bit behind.  Last year I got pretty sick and fell really behind in The Hobbit.  It was discouraging because I was expecting to finish The Hobbit the fastest and I was worried I wouldn't be able to get back on my feet.  But I kept pushing through and I was able to finish the marathon.

Expect the unexpected.  This relates to the above tip, but you would expect The Hobbit to take the shortest and The Silmarillion or The Lord of the Rings to take up most of the time, right?  Well for me it was the opposite.  First of all, I procrastinated on The Hobbit because I expected to finish it in a day or two and I underestimated it.  Second, The Silmarillion is my favorite book so I wanted to read it more than the others and I got through it way faster than I expected.  You never know what kind of surprises can crop up during the marathon and so make sure to give yourself some cushion time-wise.

Audiobooks are your friend.  I know for sure The Silmarillion and The Hobbit are available in audiobook form on YouTube.  Audiobooks are great because you can listen to them as you fall asleep, clean your kitchen, or do whatever you need to get done and you don't have to carve time out of your schedule.  They're also great because you know exactly how much time they take to run through.

Get into the spirit of the marathon.  Anyone can read some books, but the real fun of the book marathon comes with wearing your book marathon button, using the special bookmark and participating with other marathoners.  

Who else is excited for the marathon?  It's going to be awesome!


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