Friday, August 5, 2016

Movie Recast

I love the original three movies and the acting is stunning.  I realistically wouldn't want to recast most characters, but if I had to find new actors, here are some of the actors I think would fit the roles well.  By the way I did not take how the actors would be compatible into consideration, so these actors may not all fit together well.  Please note that I am no expert with actors--I'm just impressed I could think of the names of enough actors to make a post ;)

Michael Gambon as Gandalf

Mr. Gambon did a great job as Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies (excluding the first movie which he did not appear in) and based off the similarities between Dumbledore and Gandalf--their advanced age, wisdom, and power--I think that he would be able to pull off a successful portrayal of Gandalf.

Hugh Jackman as Aragorn

To be honest the only film I have ever seen Hugh Jackman in is Les Miserables, but he was absolutely stellar in it.  At first I didn't really think he fit, but now I've come to appreciate his as one of the better performances of the film.  Hugh Jackman may be a bit too old to play Aragorn now (though Aragorn was pretty old during the War of the Ring anyway) but he does have the right look for the part.

Matthew Macfayden as Theoden

Mr. Mcfayden has the great ability to be very gloomy and broody (*cough cough* Darcy) but also pull off great joy and excitement.  For this reason I think he would preform well as Theoden who goes from depressed to very noble.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Faramir

I think that Mr. Gyllenhaal would be good as Faramir because from what I've seen, he excels at playing the role of sensitive and thoughtful characters, just like Faramir.

Liam Neeson as Denethor

This is basically because Liam Neeson looks the part and he has a beautifully deep voice.

Anne Hathaway as Arwen

I think Ms. Hathaway may be a tad too old for the role now, but she certainly looks like what I imagine an Arwen to be and she is a great actress, so I think it would be a good role.

Gerard Butler as Boromir

Basically Gerard Butler jut looks like what I imagine Boromir looking like, though I haven't seen too much of his acting.

Honorable Mention

I think if The Silmarillion was ever made into a movie, Amanda Seyfried would make a great Niniel in my opinion.

Alright, am I way off?  Who do you think would be better?

By the way, did anyone else notice Pride and Prejudice was taken off Netflix?  I was all excited to eat an ice cream cone and watch, but alas, it was nowhere to be found.  Now I just have to listen to the soundtrack a trillion times to make up for it ;)


  1. Interesting casting choices! I think they would all do really well. Though I doubt that the world will be ready for a remake of the Lord of the Rings until a few more generation has passed. :) They'll probably want to film it in Tru3D then... imagine our descendants sitting in the theater, watching as the wringwraiths weave between the seats, saying "Man, the effects are WAY better than the old movies!"

    1. Thanks! That's true...maybe they'll watch it in hologram form XD

  2. I like this!

    Michael Gambon would probably execute Gandalf really well; the only thing is that it might be confusing to fans of both Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. :D

    Huh, Hugh Jackman would not have been the first person to come to mind, but I'm sure he could pull it off.

    Matthew Macfayden would be an interesting choice. He's definitely got that brooding thing down. :)

    Is it terrible that I haven't heard of Jake Gyllenhaal? But he looks like a Faramir, so...

    Anne Hathaway as Arwen? Yes please! :) She even looks a littttle like Liv Tyler.

    Since I haven't read The Silmarillion, I can't really comment on Amanda Seyfried, but I like how many Les Mis actors you have here. ;)

    1. Thank you so much!

      I agree with everything you said!

      Haha, it just goes to show how much I love that movie! I tried to find a spot for my beloved Russel Crowe but alas, I couldn't fit him in XD

    2. Hmmm, maybe Theoden? He might be good at Borormir too.