Monday, August 15, 2016

Lord of the Rings/Hunger Games Crossover

Hi all!  I yet live!  I've been away (at the lake, one of my favorite places) since Thursday last and it's been fantastic.  Here's a picture of one of the many beautiful sunsets I got to see:

Property of Lover of Lembas

I got to spend a lot of time with my brother, sister-in-law, and nephews in addition to my immediate family and we had a great time "swumming" as my little nephew calls it, tubing off the pontoon, playing card games, and reading (on the dock, of course).  I even got to try water-skiing for the first time (unfortunately I face-planted all three times).  

Thanks so much to my friend Adamson of Northern Lights Studios for posting each day my pre-written posts and running the Google+ account and comment sections while I've been away.  With that said, I know there was a bit of confusion especially with the Wedding Dress post.  But I'm happy to say I think I've figured it out--all the photos are now visible (hopefully).

And now, without further ado, an assessment of what some of The Lord of the Rings characters would do if thrown into a Hunger Games type situation.  

Sauron is hosting is own Hunger Games and the prize is not only walking away with your life, but you also win the Ring of Power.


Modus Operandi

With the One Ring at stake, I think Gollum would go into full on crazy-mode.  Violent as Gollum can be, however, he is also very sneaky.  Gollum would find a body of water to lurk in and around and pick off other contestants when their not paying attention.  


He probably doesn't do much in the ways of weapons, so his bare hands are probably his greatest assets.  For this reason he could easily avoid a Cornucopia bloodbath.

Food/Survival Strategy:

Gollum can catch his own food in the River and can eat it raw. 


Gollum is small and could easily be overpowered by a larger competitor.  Without water, Gollum would likely be a sitting duck (if that makes sense ;) and he does not appear to have any healing skills, so if he were to receive a wound, he would likely be in dire straits.


Modus Operandi:

Aragorn is much too noble to kill innocent people in an Arena.  However, I think a lot of other competitors would be bent on protecting Aragorn since he is the only living heir of Elendil and is therefore very valuable.  He would probably just try and survive using nature and outlast the others, but if a competitor attacked him, he would probably stand up in self-defense.


Aragorn is very good with many different weapons including a bow and a sword.  Because of his strategy, however, he may steer clear of the Cornucopia at least initially, but maybe pick up a weapon later on.  

Food/Survival Strategy:

Aragorn has proved that he is skilled at living off the land and would probably be able to provide for himself successfully without much food from the Cornucopia.


Because of Aragorn's selflessness, his "weakness" would be being unwilling to kill others and also being very preoccupied with protecting other competitors, especially the Hobbits.


Modus Operandi:

I have a feeling Galadriel is getting sick and tired of Sauron's antics.  She would probably spend her training period savoring her strength, and towards the beginning of the Games (before too many deaths had taken place) just blast the entire Arena like she did Dol Guldur.


Her High-Elvish enchanting skills and collective power.

Food/Survival Strategy:

She probably doesn't need to worry about such a thing since her plan ends the Games early on.  But if her plan doesn't work, she would probably be pretty safe living in a flet in the trees.  If she is able to grab some lembas from the Cornucopia, she would probably be able to last for awhile.


If she is unable to bring enough power to blast the Arena and her original plan fails, she will be very vulnerable.
Out of these three, who would win?  What other characters should compete?


  1. Aragorn'll win (although *ahem* I may be biased). His nobility and selflessness cannot fail to pay him well.

    Full disclosure: I had a crush on Aragorn when I was twelve and vestiges of said crush may linger. :P

    1. Haha, I think all of us fangirls went through that phase XD