Friday, August 19, 2016

Lancelot, Knight of the Cart

Severe Spoilers Ahead

Lancelot, Knight of the Cart was written by Chretien de Troyes and is a romantic telling of Lancelot and Guinever's life.  He wrote it for a lady of the court who wanted a romantic fairy tale to make her swoon.  This is definitely one of the more cheesy tales and obviously a romance.

Guinever is captured as she is out "a-Maying" in the woods with her ladies.  She is held in a tower.  Lancelot, as her champion, goes out to rescue her.  Lancelot faces many different challenges but overcomes all of them for his lady.  He even has to humble himself to ride through town in a cart which is usually what the criminals ride in.  As he rides through he is mocked and embarrassed, but again, he does it for Guinever.

Eventually Lancelot has to fight the final knight in front of Guinever's tower.  Unable to take his eyes off his lady, he fights with the knight in between the tower so he can still look up at her window and he never looks away.  Obviously he rescues Guinever and brings her back to Camelot.

This story is obviously a fairly fluffy tale for young ladies so it does have some eye-roll moments.  Overall I think it is an alright tale which adds a bit of character to Lancelot and Guinever.

Have you ever read Lancelot, Knight of the Cart?  Did you think it was sappy or sweet?

Are you going to read Lancelot, Knight of the Cart?  Why did you decide to?

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