Thursday, August 11, 2016

How to Host a Hobbit Tea Pt. II


It's absolutely essential to make your tea party look pretty.  Here are some easy ways to decorate for a Hobbit tea party:

  • Light a fire - If you have a fireplace in your home, it is not only the perfect place to light a flame to keep your guests cozy, but it also lends a beautiful light for your party and you can even heat your tea over it if you wish.
fire, hot, warm
  • Light candles - Candles also share a lot of beautiful, flickery, light if a large fire isn't the most practical for you.  Scented candles are also nice, and for tea parties, particularly the following scents: Vanilla, Turkey and Stuffing (Yankee Candles), Warm Sugar, Vanilla Cupcake, and Home Sweet Home.

  • Display your food - Recipes for tea foods will come in the next letter, but for now, know that it is very important to display your food in a beautiful way.  If you have pastries or baked items, array them on a tray in a circular fashion.  Fruit should be lain parallel and sugar should be kept in a small cup, with a lid if you can manage one.

White Metal 3 Tier Food Tray With Cupcakes Near Pink Petaled Flowers and Pitcher

  • Use your prettiest tea pot - The main focus will be on the tea pot.  More information on how to manage your tea pot will be in a further letter.  But know that you should choose a pot that matches the season if possible--greens and pinks are preferable for spring, oranges and reds are perfect for fall, black and brown should be reserved for winter, and white is for summer.
  • Incorporate nature - In spring, cut a few choice tulips and display them in your home, roses are beautiful in the early summer and sunflowers are pristine for late summer.  For fall, utilize freshly picked apples by arranging them in a bowl.  In winter, you could build a stick structure, such as the one shown below:
  • Make your home homey - Especially in cold months, your guests will want to feel warm and cozy in your home, so use as much carpet and as many rugs as possible. 

Good luck with your decorations!

-Rosie Gardner

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