Monday, August 29, 2016

Back to School Supplies


I'm not overly concerned about the whole deal especially since I know a lot of people who go to the school and of course all my older siblings have given me loads of advice from their past experience, but there is always a mix of excitement and anxiety when going back to school, especially when moving buildings.

I'm trying to take the whole change in stride and not be overly-perfectionist about it.  I have been extremely angsty about the start of school in years past--picking out my outfit a week before, buying way too much school supplies "just in case" and generally being way to perky and fake the first few days.  I'm hoping to just be myself and based of the attitude of most incoming freshmen I met at orientation, I should fit in fine.

But just because I'm being a bit more laid back this year does not mean I didn't have to get some school supplies!  I personally adore buying new notebooks and binders--it's kind of a treat for me since I usually have to reuse notebooks my sisters picked out and never used.  Don't you just love unwrapping your own pens?  Ah, paradise...

I am reusing my old backpack from last year (though it just occurred to me after looking at this picture that it is sorely in need of a wash).  I am pretty excited because I don't have to lug all my books through the halls anymore, since high schoolers are allowed to carry their backpacks with them (so fancy).  Also it makes me extremely happy that all my pins fit perfectly on the first little flap.  It's a bit hard to read some of the buttons, but they say (from left to right) "Eat Sleep Read", "Will Work for Books", "Peace Coffee", and "Mercy".  The first couple my sister Molly gave me after they were leftovers from her book celebration at the university (it was the commemoration party of William Shakespeare and Miguel Cervantes' deaths) and the third I found randomly in my basement.  I looked it up and apparently it's a coffee shop, but I've never been there.  The fourth is a button I got from Catholic Camp because the theme was "Extraordinary Mercy".  The fifth button is from The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker and it shows Link sailing in his dragon boat.  The final one is clearly the "Christian Fish" (does it have an official name?).I used to have a ton and I mean a ton of key chains on my backpack--I think there were maybe twenty altogether.  But this was a bother and they often fell off, so this year I'm going a bit more simplistic.  I still have my carribeaners and rubber band bracelets attached to the zipper which are just sort of fun and useful if you need to wrap the chain around the front of the backpack to keep things from falling out.

But everyone knows that it's what inside the backpack that matters!  I have two binders, one for math and one for...Spanish...sort of.  I registered for Spanish at the beginning of the spring but I really want to switch into French.  I want to learn both of course, but considering Molly is a professor of Spanish language at a university, I feel like it would be easier to either get lessons from her or learn Spanish on my own with a bit of her help.  French is just so difficult for an English speaker to learn on their own since the phonetics are so different that I think having a teacher would make it a lot easier.  I emailed my counselor, and fingers are crossed.  I'll let you know how it turns out!

I have three notebooks (both from last year) that have enough paper left in them to reuse.  If you're wondering, the labels were drawn by Katie (she has crazy font writing skills).

As for my pencil pouch, I have my annotating Post-its (not sure if I will need them for English, but I will definitely need them for my own reading!) an eraser, calculator, pens, pencils; the usual.

What do you normally gather together in terms of school supplies?  Are you excited for school to start or dreading it?

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  1. I love back to school shopping, even as a homeschooler. :D Post-it notes = happiness in my book.

    Is this your first year of highschool?

    Let's see... I usually find all of the things you mentioned plus sticky tabs for bookmarking my school books. Well, it already started for me, but I'm still excited so that's good. :)

    1. Post-it notes are one of my favorite school supplies!!

      I will be a freshman this year.

      Wow, that's early. My cousins start about half way through August by my school doesn't start until the day after labor day. Do you finish school earlier in the spring then? I usually don't finish until the first or second week of June.

    2. Yeah, we finished April 22, so I've had a looong summer break. :)

    3. Aw lucky! How long are your Christmas and spring breaks? For me Christmas is usually a week and a half to two weeks but spring break is only one week.

  2. I adore buying school supplies! It's probably my guilty pleasure ;) I like buying seasonal and colorful pencils the best. I have multiple containers dedicated to them :D

    Learn French! You never know if you'll need to use it when your mom doesn't know how to translate haha XD plus, the language is so pretty! I took French last year and I liked it a lot!

    School hasn't "officially" started but I've been doing a little school work here and there. I didn't dread school starting though!

    Wish you the best of luck in school! Not that you need it ;)

    1. Oh cool!

      I really want to! Are you going to take it again this year?

      That's good that you're excited for school :)

      Thank you! Aw, you're so kind :D

    2. Um, probably not. I'll still practice online though!

  3. Best wishes for a successful school year! Wow, it sounds like there are so many things to consider when you go to school . . . I was homeschooled, so I could always just ease into the start of school. And since my bedroom was my classroom, I didn't need to haul my books around:). I'm glad you have siblings to advise you! And those are some cool pins.

    I never did French or Spanish, so I don't know which is easier. I opted for Latin instead; I just wish I remembered more of it now.

    That's nice that your school doesn't start until September. That's the way it was when my parents were growing up, and I didn't think there were any schools like that left anymore. They just keep starting earlier and earlier. I never noticed when I was homeschooling, but now that I work at a school, it's rather annoying. We're in our third week already! Come on, it's still summer... Why can't we wait until after Labor Day?

    Anyway, it sounds like you'll do a great job.

    - Ellen Gianna

    1. Thank you! I've always wondered what it would be like to be home schooled, but I've gone to public school my whole life. It sounds like it would be nice! Oh, thank you!

      I taught myself Latin a little bit over the summer but without a real life teacher it was pretty hard. Hopefully I will be able to keep learning it on my own while taking classes in French.

      That is REALLY early! I am glad that my school waits until September.

      Thank you!

  4. I love getting ready for a new school year. Being homeschooled I rarely buy new supplies, but it's still fun to dig out old notebooks and acquire new (at least for me) textbooks. After using the same [very weary] binder for science classes four years in a row I'm finally getting a new one, so that's exciting. :D And then I finally made a cover to slip in the front of my history binder that I've had forever but which has always been boring and plain. And getting new books for literature group is the best part. :)
    I hope your French troubles work out! I've been trying to do French myself for the past year... It is certainly tricky to try to learn without a teacher.
    God bless,

    1. Ah yes, don't you just love that feeling when all the school stuff is stacked into a neat little pile? <3
      Thank you, I think I've managed to work it out with the counselor and now I will have a teacher this year.