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57 Stories of Saints Review

Mild Spoilers Ahead

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This 544 page book is a beautiful little look at saints from all different backgrounds and from all different ages.  From St. Anne in the first century to St. Edith Stein, this book covers the poorest saints like St. Francis of Assisi, rich saints, like St. Katharine Drexel, male saints, St. Augustine, female saints, St. Joan of Arc, martyrs, St. Lucy, St. Agnes, St. Maria, etc.

I dearly love this book.  It is written in a very simple way which allots only a few pages per saint, but it is a great introduction to some of the heroes of Christianity.  I particularly loved how each story had gorgeous drawings which really helped me to imagine what these real people might have looked like.

If I had to pick one criticism, I would point out that sometimes the negative things about the saints were overlooked and their lives were romanticized a bit more than seems realistic.  For instance, I've read a bit about The Little Flower, and her death and the time leading up to it was certainly less than glamorous, but in this book it was sugarcoated a bit.  Then again, this book is written for kids around eight years old (I would guess) so it makes sense that the details of each saint are simplified a bit.

I truly do feel rather inspired by this book and it is great to read about the strong faith and witness the men and women in this book brought into this world.

I went into this book thinking I knew a lot about many different saints and not expecting much to surprise me in this book, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book is truly special and incendiary.  This book would make a fantastic First Communion gift.

Strongly recommend!

Have you read 57 Stories of Saints?  Who was your favorite saint to read about?

Are you going to read 57 Stories of Saints?  Do you know any of the saints in the book?

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