Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Tolkien Companion
My amazing brother Ernie came across a copy of The Tolkien Companion in an old book store he was visiting.  He thought I already owned it, but I don't actually have this book.

He bought it for me anyway and surprised me with it today--for no reason!  There is nothing better than giving someone a book on a random day, especially a book as great as The Tolkien Companion.

This book was published shortly after The Silmarillion came out and includes a complete encyclopedia of names of peoples, places, and objects with all their definitions and relevant information in alphabetical order.

While not a book I will read from cover to cover (at least soon, but who knows?) it is perfect for looking up quick references and information especially when I read The Silmarillion.

To my delight it even included names and spellings for places and people in The Lost Tales which I'm sure will be particularly helpful.

Thank you so much Ernie for getting this for me!  It's perfect!
By the way, I remodeled the Catholicism and Book Nook pages and they look significantly better now, in my opinion.  I encourage you to head over and check them out.  The Catholicism page in particular is organized much better and commenting is a lot easier.  The Book Nook page now is easier for me to manage so you can expect more book reviews coming soon.  Enjoy!