Sunday, July 3, 2016

Lembas as Eucharist

"The silver leaves were red in the firelight; and when Turin saw the seal his eyes darkened.  'What have you there?' he said. 
"'The greatest gift that one who loves you still has to give,' answered Beleg.  'Here is lembas, the waybread of the Eldar, that no Man has yet tasted.' 
"'The Helm of my fathers I take,' said Turin, 'with good will for your keeping; but I will not receive gifts out of Doriath.' 
"'Then send back your sword and your arms,' said Beleg, 'Send back also the teaching and fostering of your youth.  And let your men die in the desert to please your mood.  Nonetheless, this waybread was a gift not to you but to me, and I may do with it as I will.  Eat it not, if it sticks in your throat; but others here may be more hungry and less proud.' 
"Then Turin was abashed, and in that matter overcame his pride."
(Unfinished Tales 160)
"The greatest gift that one who loves you still has to give."

The Sil- Melian and Thingol could little to support Turin since he refused their direct help, but they sent him what they could in the form of their precious bread.  They wanted the bread to sustain Turin in his ventures and hoped that it would bring him back to Doriath eventually.

As Eucharist- The Eucharist was the last gift given by Christ before he died.  He gave it to a world which largely did not accept him and refused his help.  He wants the bread to help his beloved along the way and keep them up to strength for their journey to him.

"No Man has yet tasted."

The Sil- No mortal had yet tasted lembas bread until Turin received it.

As Eucharist- Until Christ gave us the Eucharist, no one had ever tasted the body and blood of God.

"I will not receive gifts out of Doriath."

The Sil- Turin is proud.  He feels that he is viewed as an outcast by the people in Doriath because of what they know he has done in the past, and does not want to accept their help.

As Eucharist- Sometimes people don't want to accept the Eucharist because they are reluctant to accept something when they are so sinful.

"Send back also the teaching and fostering of your youth."

The Sil- Beleg is pointing out that lembas is not the only gift that Turin has received from Doriath.  Everything Turin has and is is provided him by the grace of Thingol and the Elves of Doriath.

As Eucharist- Those who don't want to accept the Eucharist because of sin or believe that they can make it through the journey without the aid might do well to remember that nothing you have is actually yours and none of your accomplishments would be available without God's grace.

"Others here may be more hungry and less proud." 

The Sil- Beleg thinks that some people might be more willing to accept gifts from Doriath if it means their survival.

As Eucharist- To be humble and acknowledge that you need spiritual food to go on--that you can't go on by yourself is to take the first step to accepting the help that God and others can give.

These are just some of my initial thoughts after reading this short paragraph.  It would be really interesting to read a full-fledged academic paper written on this topic and perhaps in the future I will get around to it.

For now, here's a quick update about life just to keep you in the know.
  • Catholic camp was a success- some late nights at church setting up and taking down but the kids had a lot of fun and overall it was a blast
  • Emily and I are working on a new Les Miserables medley for violin, cello, and piano.  We still have yet to convince Katie to join us with her cello--she doesn't like playing in front of others.
  • I finished Merlin!  I have conflicting feelings about the finale though...
  • I saw the first Harry Potter movie after Emily badgered me about it for months.  Thoughts are moderate--not to great, not too bad.  Perhaps a longer review is in order.
  • I read my first reading at Mass--it went really well!  I may become a regular lector if things go right.
  • I finished writing all my Latin lessons and now I just have to do the voice recordings.
  • I made the most gorgeous beef rump roast for French dip sandwiches--it was amazing.
  • It's cherry season and so my grandparents and my sister have made some crazy good cherry pies.
How has your summer been going?  Read any good books lately?

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