Thursday, June 30, 2016

Peter Hollens- Misty Mountains

Wonderful cover of the Misty Mountains song from The Hobbit.  A must-watch for any Hobbit fan!


  1. That's so pretty! I listened to it while reading War and Peace, which I started yesterday!

    1. Oh goodie, I'm glad you've started it! Let me know how it goes :D

    2. Okay, War and Peace update :D : I'm on page 420-something, so almost(but not quite) a third finished. I chose the translation you recommended, and so far I like it pretty well. It isn't very plot-driven(in my opinion) right now, but does it pick up a little further into the story?

    3. Yay, good progress! Yes it definitely picks up. I know right now there are a lot of stray threads of story but throughout the book they will weave together. Keep pushing through, it's totally worth it! Keep me updated :)

    4. War and Peace Update #2: Page 1055! Yay! I'm starting to get drawn into the drama, particularly that involving Natasha's romance, Pierre's story, and WHAT HAPPENS TO ANATOLE? Because I don't want him to just disappear; I want him to die. ;)

      (Wow, that sounded really angry. xD )

      But if he doesn't die and Prince Bolkonsky never gets revenge then that's okay, too, I guess, because I don't want Prince Bolkonsky to be distracted with revenge for the rest of the story.

      Anyways. The war scenes and other boring bits are painful to read, but the romances and other more dialogue-based sections hold my interest pretty well. :) I think I'll like it when I finish it and maybe watch the old movie version with Audrey Hepburn.

      (That was long; apologies. :D)

    5. Good! You're into the meat of the story!

      *maniacally giggles* You're in for a big drama concerning Anatole...all I'm going to say is that I couldn't think of a better ending to the whole debacle (not that it's necessarily a happy or sad ending, it's just a satisfying one...I've said to much...)

      I was the same way with the war scenes vs. the dialogue scenes.

      Hmm, I've never seen that adaptation, maybe I should check it out.

      Good job; keep updating me :D

    6. War and Peace Update: #3: page 1259! I've finished everything except the epilogue. (*dances with joy*) Wow, this book is a looong. ;)

      I'm curious to see how the whole Pierre/Natasha thing works out because they're both so emotionally unstable that I don't really see it ending well. I also want to know what happens with Marya, since she's one of the more moral characters in the whole thing. xD And I'm not Nikolay Rostov's biggest fan right now.

      Ahh, I look forward to the drama. :) (unless you're referring to something that happened before the epilogue, in which case I've already read it!)

      So yeah, I'm getting pretty tired of the heavy philosophical expositions, but the characters' stories are evoking the interest/suspense/anger that Tolstoy probably wanted. :)

      How long did it take you to read this? I was hoping to finish it in two weeks, but that didn't quite happen:)

    7. Oh wow, you made it pretty far! The epilogue is pretty tame and in fact I think it drags on a bit too long, but maybe you'll like it more than I did.

      Yeah Marya was one of my favorites, but it's so sad how both her father and brother died right before her.

      The stories are just enticing enough that you have to struggle through the boring digressions which under other circumstances someone would probably not read at all. was probably around a week and a half to two weeks...I think I was averaging about 150 pages a day.

  2. War and Peace Update #4: Finished!! The epilogue did drag on much longer than necessary. The narrative was interesting, especially for providing an idea of what life was like for the Rostovs and Pierre and Natasha(can't remember their last name), but the philosophical tangent could've been condensed into a few pages.

    I'm happy that Marya is happy, as well as everyone else and that Pierre and Natasha's marriage worked out well despite my concerns.

    Wow! I'm amazed you were able to do that! :)

    I should be publishing a review soon, so then I'll present my more detailed opinion. :)

    1. Definitely the philosophy dragged on a few pages too long...

      Thank you!

      Oh goodie, I look forward to reading it :)