Wednesday, June 22, 2016

New Changes

Wondering why I don't have a really long post for you today?  I have a couple excuses.
  1. I was babysitting the nephews today and wow they are a lot to handle
  2. My sister's graduation party is tomorrow and goodness there is a lot of yard work, cooking, and cleaning to do
  3. Catholic Camp is happening all next week (and set up this weekend) so I am bracing myself by trying to get all of next week's stuff done ahead of time
  4. I just put up a ton of posts on the new Book Nook page (I've been working on that for probably a total of four hours just today)
  5. I am about ready to collapse from exhaustion in a few minutes
  6. There is a really intense episode of Robin Hood next up and I need to know how Robin is going to stop the wedding of Gisbourne and Marian!
I hate Gisbourne and definitely ship Marian and Hood...but *angst*
Gisbourne loves her he's just bad at expressing it!  Grrrr...

Richard Armitage why must you cause me such conflict?!
Please...does anyone watch else Robin Hood?  I need consolation... D:

So is that okay?  Have I provided sufficient excuses?  Have a great Thursday everyone :)
And don't forget to read the Book Nook page and listen to the Palantir Podcast from yesterday!


  1. Haha, those are sufficient excuses. :)

    Congratulations to your sister! Is she graduating from college(if you don't mind my asking)?

    I've only watched (roughly) the first five episodes of RH, but I'd really like to finish the show! It's a little tricky because I don't have Netflix, so Blockbuster is my only option. xD Which season are you on?

    "Gisbourne loves her he's just bad at expressing it!"-- TRUTH He's so humorously awkward with her. I love it. :D

    1. No my college-sister is going to be a junior next year (that's Emily from the debates and podcast) but this party is for Katie who's graduating from high school.

      I'm not very far at all--season 1 episode 9 I think at this point.

      It's great to watch but at the same time I cringe every time! You can tell he is really trying while on the flip side Robin Hood just flops in and woos her which...I don't sort of bothers me? I'm not rooting AGAINST Robin or anything, but I feel bad that Gisbourne puts in so much effort and Robin can do things so easily. Plus Richard Armitage is amazing and I can't be very mad at him for long ;)

  2. You sound busy! :o Hope everything goes really well!

  3. Okay, okay, get ready for a sock in the gut with Robin Hood, Gisborne, and Marian. Just saying. I don't wanna give spoilers, but I just need you to know that I'm here for you when it comes!

    And yes, Gisborne is not a good person for Marian, but he still managed to steal my compassion. Why must he put us through such pain?

    1. Ah no! Between the (accepted!!) proposal by Gisbourne and his near-death experience, I didn't think things could get any more surprising! Now I'm worried... :0

      Exactly! How can I feel bad for someone as mean as Gisbourne...?

    2. I think it's the fact that his love seems to be genuine, but he's so fallen and selfish that it's frequently twisted into something dangerous. :( He tries, but it's like he's doomed to fail because of his very nature.

    3. That's beautifully said--so sad though :'(

    4. Emmarayn...I just watched...episode 12 (coincidentally titled "The Return of the King")...and...I...can't! *bursts into tears*

      HOW?!?! My second favorite character! No!! And at the hand of Gisbourne no less! D':