Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My Blogging Process

How I Blog

A few questions asked of me concerning how I blog:

  • Do you blog in silence or do you ever listen to something?
I essentially always listen to something while blogging because I've developed a bad habit of needing a bit of white noise always in the background as I work.  A lot of times I listen to The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack and the 25th Anniversary Legend of Zelda Symphony, or whatever piece I'm working on playing on violin which is currently Vivaldi's Concerto No. 24 (for those of you wondering, my sister and I transposed it to be a duet for a viola and violin rather than two cellos, plus we don't have an orchestra backing us up so we had to make some bridge parts).  

Recently though I've been listening to a lot of Audiomachine which my friend introduced me to as well as a lot of older Coldplay songs (my favorite band) and finishing up some podcasts I've fallen behind on (Word on Fire Show, Three Dogs North, Catholic Stuff You Should Know, The Tolkien Professor).

  • How do you come up with ideas for posts?
It is sometimes really hard for me to come up with an idea.  If I can't think of anything or don't have much time, I usually trust Tolkien and post some of his own writing in the form of a quote.  If I'm feeling particularly uninspired I will flip through the books, watch the trailers, or kind of reminisce and usually something will hit me.  Other times I get really sidetracked and look at memes or watch New Catholic Generation videos.

I often turn to The Tolkien Society for ideas because they have lists of essay ideas.  I can always fall back on profiles of actors and rant posts.  Another way I get posts is by hearing misconceptions about the story and trying to combat them here (shoutout to Fawnabelle for helping me fight LOTR misconceptions!).

  • Where do you blog?
I work on my family's PC.  It is a pretty old computer which runs on Windows Vista and uses Word 2010, but it works alright.  I usually sit on the blue yoga ball because moving around helps keep my mind limber.  I'm hoping to save up enough money to get my own laptop so I can work anywhere, particularly outside.

  • How long does it take for you to write a post?
This varies widely as you can probably tell by the different lengths of all my posts.  It probably won't take more than twenty minutes no matter how long it is. I type pretty fast (81 wpm) so I usually can just spurt things out.  One thing that actually does take me awhile is finding the perfect image or gif for the post.  Yesterday I must have spent 10 minutes searching for the perfect meme.  To be fair, however, I usually get sidetracked by the music or other funny memes and gifs.

  • Do you have any pet peeves while blogging?
Nothing really bothers me too much when I'm blogging unless it is getting frustrated because I can't think of what to write about.  Sometimes my sister will be doing something in the other room that is loud or annoying, but that's just something I have to get used to.  Oh, I guess it bothers me when people read what I'm writing over my shoulder.

  • Do you have a favorite post?

  • Do you have any posts you would want to change?
Pretty much all of them.  None of my posts are perfect.  They all probably have grammatical or factual errors (hopefully small ones!), especially my older ones from when I was not as familiar with LOTR stuff.

  • Do your family and friends read/know about your blog?
My mom and sisters definitely know about the blog; it's no secret.  I'm not sure if my dad remembers I have it since he tends to forget small things like that.  My friends all know about my blog and I know at least a couple read it (only one reads it on a regular basis, however--shout out to Adamson!) and I will talk to them about it sometimes.  I don't think any of my family really reads it.  My mom says she wants to read it, but "I never let her".  Technically I never told her not to read it, only when she reads over my shoulder do I ask her to stop.  My sister has read two posts, namely the two debates she worked on.

My sisters who live out of the house on their own and sometimes certain teachers will ask how it is going and how many followers I have.  They like to make fun of it, but deep down I know they are impressed I work on it so often.  My teacher even let me write the address on the whiteboard in his classroom, but I don't think any students actually visited the page.

  • What are some questions you have about blogging?
My only question is how I can make my blog look better.  I've seen lots of Wordpress blogs that are absolutely beautiful, and I have been doing a lot of work to make my blog look impressive too.  If you have any tips or suggestions, I will be happy to know!

The Catholic Gentleman has a beautiful blog


  1. *happy dance* oh yeah! Another shout out! I'm just so helpful XD

    On another note, this was a great post! I might have to steal the questions and use it for myself... *rubs hands together*

    1. You ARE helpful!

      Thank you--feel free to take any questions you want, of course. I can't wait to read some of your answers :)

    2. Thank you... you are too! :)

      Oh cool! I'll probably do it before I start my Hobbit/LOTR EE marathon :D

    3. Aw, thanks!

      Ooh a marathon--very nice! Must be around 21 hours to watch all of them! About 4 for each of the originals brings you to 12 hours and then 9 for the Hobbit, that's impressive! Good luck :)

    4. Yep! That's why I'm starting today. I do it twice a year: once for my birthday and once for Christmas. But last Christmas I got the extended edition of LOTR so that's why I'm even more excited than usual! :D

    5. Why then, it must be around your birthday! Happy birthday!!!