Thursday, June 23, 2016

Book Recommendations for the Fellowship

What book would I recommend to each member of the fellowship?

The Chronicles of Narnia.  The characters in The Chronicles of Narnia are snatched from their normal lives in England just like Merry from the Shire and they fight wars to defend their land (Narnia/Middle-earth).  Both the Narnia characters and Merry create close relationships (Aslan/Theoden) and grow a lot throughout the story.

Redwall.  In Redwall, a young mouse named Matthias does his best to become a warrior and defend his abbey from invaders.  At first he is unassuming and young like Pippin at the beginning of The Lord of the Rings, but slowly he turns into a great and wise warrior like Pippin does when he becomes a Guard of the Citadel and later when he defends his homeland, the Shire in the Scouring of the Shire.  I think that Pippin could relate to Matthias and see the he as a Hobbit can do great things too.

Hatchet.  This book is about a boy who is stranded after his plane crashes in the wilderness and has to survive using only his hatchet.  I'm sure Gimli knows a lot of different ways to use his axes, but reading this book may help him along his journeys through the wild and teach him more ways to use the his weapons effectively.

Robin Hood.  I think Legolas would like the bow hunting aspect of the story, and as a prince it might help him understand what his subjects are going through, particularly in the difficult time of transition (for the Elves, as they go into the West, for Robin Hood, the people in financial change).  And who knows?  Maybe Legolas has someone like Maid Marian around but he needs tips from Robin Hood on how to express himself.

Les Miserables.  I think Boromir would be able to relate with Jean Valjean who did something bad but was able to get back on the right track.  I also think he might have sympathy for Marius who is trying to fight for something he believes in, and Denthor reminds me of the Thenardiers who also have problems favoring certain children (Eponine and Azelma/Boromir) over others (Cosette/Faramir).

Instead of a book, I would give Sam a subscription to Better Homes and Gardens.  Sam can use all the gardening and landscaping tips to improve his little corner of the Shire and he and Rosie can work on sprucing up their Hobbit hole inside as well.  They must be busy with thirteen children, so it would be nice to have a magazine so they can just flip through and glance at pictures rather than reading a hard hitting novel.

Catching Fire.  Seems appropriate since he is both the keeper of the Ring of Fire, and his job is to "kindle the hearts" of the people of Middle-earth into doing great things, just like Katniss did in Panem.  I'm guessing a man of, is not really the target audience especially with the love triangle and since it is told from the point of view of a young girl, but someone as wise as Gandalf would definitely be able to glean the relevant information.

The Little Engine that Could.  Frodo probably needs a bit of encouragement throughout his journey, remembering that maintaining a positive attitude is half the battle.  Even after his mission is accomplished, it may be important for him to remember this as he goes through the healing process.  I would also recommend that he read some newspaper comics because he probably needs something not-so-serious so he can laugh and smile again.

The Once and Future King by T.H. White.  Aragorn is a great king, I'm sure, but he could benefit by reading about King Arthur as presented in this, my favorite adaptation.  There is a lot in there about just war and the importance of peace which Aragorn may appreciate after the Great War.  I think he might relate with Arthur who, like him, lived and worked closely with a wizard (Merlin/Gandalf) and also had a challenging romantic relationship (Guinever's adultery and Elrond's stipulations).


  1. What a cool post idea! These all sound like good suggestions. I like Better Homes and Gardens for the Gamgees and The Little Engine that Could for Frodo. :D

  2. This is really funny, Nimrodel! I like it! XD