Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tolkien's Road

Today I viewed the short film "Tolkien's Road".  According to the studio's Facebook page, the creator of this film is Too Big to be a Hobbit Productions, and the film is: 

"...a student film project about J.R.R. Tolkien's journey to beginning his first book "The Hobbit." But before he can bring the world of Middle-Earth to life he must overcome the trauma of fighting in WWI and find his voice again.

"Tolkien's imagination comes to life everywhere he looks in the form of Elves, Dwarves and Dragons. But it is when he meets the Hobbit that he is transported on a journey of self discovery which will change himself and the world of literature forever."

I recorded my thoughts at each moment in the film, so read those below, and enjoy the show!

Don't take any of the following comments too hard--I am just joking around.  Also, I would recommend looking at each comment along with the moments in the film because I did not provide much context--they're just quick notes I jotted.

2:38 Why did he call Edith "little one" and why do they sleep in different rooms?

3:00 Amazing but did Tolkien actually bike to classes?  In his tweed suit and wasitcoat?

3:37 Umm.....

6:04 Is that a Hobbit or a creepy hobo?  I am concerned.

6:33 What kind of sick, twisted Hobbit would do this?  Is it Gollum?

7:04 Ummmm this is questionable....

7:20 So is Tolkien the dragon in this scenario?  I'm confused.

7:36 That little thief! That wretched little burglar-ohhhhh....

7:26 Cute!

9:48 "Gublins"

10:01 I like the nightgowns.

10:05 AHHHHHHHH *rocks slowly back and forth*

10:18 Is that actually how PTSD works?

10:51 Not only is this vicious Hobbit a robber, but a stalker as well!  Goodness gracious!

11:58  How I feel when I read The Silmarillion or The Histories of Middle-earth.

12:21 That's what people say when I tell them about Elvish.

12:22 And that's how I respond.

13:04 Okay epic Elvish skills, but is it sad that I know a lot of what she's saying without subtitles?

13:44 So the true story of how Tolkien came up with his books is...a strange hobbit stole his notebook and then he hallucinated Elves?  Seems legit.

14:12 That kid doesn't seem remotely surprised, and that Elf does not appear to have any idea what she's doing.  Furthermore, didn't people usually call Tolkien "Ronald" when he was young?

14:27 Noooooo sadness overload--I can't!

16:15 No.  I refuse to believe this.  Tolkien did not dress up like William Wallace on a regular basis.

16:49 No, "Tolkien"'s clinically insane!

17:25 So now "Tolkien" is Gollum and that Hobbit just stole his stuff?  "Dirty, tricksy theif!"


18:04 It's RIGHT BEHIND HIM!!! He could reach it if he tried!!!!

18:58 Even at the beach "Tolkien" wears a sweater-vest and smokes.

19:10 At this point, I'm alarmed for "Tolkien"'s safety.

19:54 So he's in Ireland now?

21:15 Gasp!  It's Frodo's song!

22:53 Best defense against creepy top-hat men in Middle-earth/Ireland?  Singing a song and dancing!

23:47  Stop, this is too scary!!


26:24  Um, excuse me?  HERESYYYYYY!!!!!  Stahhhhpppp!  It's not decide what you "want" to do, it's what you SHOULD do!  GRRRRRRRR The subtle twisting of words to make it sound like you can do whatever you want is reminiscent of Saruman--tread carefully....CAREFULLY....

27:05 On point.

28:56 The lighting is perfection in this scene

28:27 And by "interesting" I mean I had a series of inexplicable hallucinations which resulted in tears and a loss of sleep.  In other news, I still don't have my notebook!

29:31 Um, he just said he isn't feeling well plus he missed work.  Do you really think he wants to go on a walk?

29:33 I stand corrected.

29:56 My thoughts exactly.

30:20  What?  No, of course imagination's not false!  An imagined image of Elves sitting on the grass is real (the image is) but there are not literal Elves sitting on the grass that we can detect with our senses, so we deem them not real.  That doesn't mean that the image you think of is fake, or the abstract noun of imagination is unreal.  What is this?!?!?

30:47  STAHHPP THE MYTHOPOEIA!!!! There is no way that Tolkien literally just began spewing out poetry!  He SENT this to C.S. Lewis after writing it!

31:07 Well I already have most of the lines for this scene memorized.

31:35 The color grading is INTENSE.

31:37 You mean the Hobbit that robbed you and constantly stocks and teases you?  WHAAAATTT??

32:17 Sweater-vest and rifle are incompatible.


34:37 Like the actual Lord of the Rings movies, this film has multiple endings.


But seriously, I did enjoy the film.  There were some moments which were a bit objectionable, but I love poking fun at little inconsistencies in movies and television, so don't take anything I said above for anything but a grain of salt.

What did you think of the film?  Personally, I felt like the filmmakers did a good job putting in a lot of references and it was obviously well researched and edited.  My only suggestion is that they be careful to provide context for things that are happening--we wouldn't want some uneducated new-be to come away thinking that Tolkien literally had hallucinations.

My applause to the filmmakers and I hope they continue to produce more films!


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