Wednesday, May 11, 2016

LOTR Week: Who Do You Think You Are

The second game from Cordy of Write On, Cordy! and her Lord of the Rings week.

Basically, you just choose whatever character of the Fellowship of the Ring you are and explain why.

I'm going to choose Gandalf. Before I detail why I'm am choosing him, let me explain why I am not choosing the others.

Out of the rest of the characters--after Gandalf--I am probably most like Frodo. I am reluctant to take on tasks but once I do, I will go all the way through, or at least as far as I can go. I resign to the fact that I'm always going to need help and at the very end; I will need Samwise to carry me to the mountain.

I am nothing like Merry or Pippin; I am extremely serious (sometimes too serious, maybe) and very cognizant about the world around me.  This is very unlike the light-hearted and initially naive attitude of the two young Hobbits.

I am not like Boromir at all.  I do have my own downfalls like he did, but that's pretty much where the similarities end.  I am not strong, battle-hardened, or even power-seeking (at least I don't think so).  I am more like Faramir, his brother; I am studious and more sensitive.

Gimli and I are practically polar opposites.  Gimli is very warrior-ish (not a word, but I'll let it slide) as well as hardy and tough.  Think of the opposite of all those traits, and you basically have me in a nutshell.

Legolas is too graceful and perfect to bear any resemblance to myself.  I dropped my pencil a total of ten times just today (and yes, I counted).  Not the best trait for a archer to have.

Aragorn is too noble, kind, and regal to even be compared to me.

I wish I was Sam--selfless, simple, and humble, but in reality, I am anything but.  I often find myself elevating my time and my needs above those of others.  I am not idle--always blogging, doing Latin, playing violin--but it just seems more important I get better at those skills than say, help with the dishes.  Sometimes.  The activities are honorable, but they can get in the way with helping out.  I should probably work on that.

So, that leaves me with Gandalf the Grey.  My friends always joke, telling me I am like an old person trapped in a young person's body.  Gandalf and I would make a great team, I suppose.  We're both very into studying lore, languages, people, history, and strategy.  We're both arrogant (not advocating this, but it is sometimes the case), learned, and methodical.

I guess I am most like Gandalf, though I wish I could incorporate a bit of Sam into the mix.  Who are you in the Fellowship?


  1. I liked reading all your character read-outs and how they would and wouldn't apply to you. And hey, I consider myself to be most like Gandalf too! :D