Friday, May 27, 2016


When Lord of the Rings unexpectedly pops into my life just to brighten my day a bit (is that considered a eucatastrophe? ;):

Three instances in the past couple days where Lord of the Rings references caught my attention and made me smile a bit.

First, I was doing a stupid internet quiz (but I love them so much!).  You know, the type with questions like "what wings would you have?" and "can we guess your favorite color in under two minutes?".  Once I start one, I end up getting sucked into a million.

Through these quizzes, I've been told my sense of manners is most similar to that of Victorian Europe, I am a fifty year old single male (for the record, I'm not), and I have a doctorate degree (I don't).  So when I take these quizzes, I don't expect anything accurate.

I was taking the quiz: what classic book is most similar to your life? and you will never guess what I got!

I was very happily surprised--I didn't even know that LOTR was an option when I started the quiz!

Secondly, I was looking up song lyrics on one of those websites that has a bunch of links to lists of "celebrities you never hear about anymore" and "secret hair care ideas you never knew".  I was just scrolling through the list to get to the bottom of the article I was reading, when I came across this:

Yes!  That is what I'm talking about!  Lord of the Rings is the thumbnail for a list of the best epic movies.  That is how it should be, world!

And finally, I was listening to the Catholic Stuff You Should Know podcast, and the Deacon Gobel was talking about how he gave up biting his nails for lent.  (Paraphrasing) "My fingers felt so a cave creature--I felt like Gollum or something..."

Perfect simile--I knew exactly what he was talking about.

What are some ways that casual insertions of Lord of the Rings have made your day a bit brighter?


  1. Ahhh, it's so nice to see other teenagers who know the word "eucatastrophe".

    Haha, those quizzes are too addictive. And LotR should definitely be associated with epic. :D

    Let's see...casual insertions of LotR... sermon illustrations are what first come to mind. Also, references within books.

    1. It really is nice to know others who can relate :)

      It's so wonderful when you're just going along, sitting in church or reading a book and you're suddenly hit with a LOTR reference. Too perfect!

  2. Haha, yes! All of this is YES.

    First, those quizzes. Ugh I hate them (and love them!)... they're just so time consuming, ya know?!

    Second, a while back I mentioned the word eucatasprophe and everyone around me was like "What the hay is that?" And then I sighed and said "Non-ringers..." lol XD

    Third, I would totally NOT survive Lent if I gave up biting my nails... I would've failed on Ash Wednesday lol

    Hmm, usually I'M the one who brings LOTR into my daily life but occasionally I'll see someone with a shirt or wearing the one ring. I've heard a person a booth behind me speak of LOTR but they just mentioned it. And EWTN! There's been a lot of specials lately :)

    Great post! I really enjoyed it ;)

    1. It's true--but how can I go on without knowing what my spirit color is? (JK)

      Ah, we must educate the world XD

      Same! As I was reading your comment I was actually biting my nails...0:

      One time I heard someone talking about Lord of the Rings (a stranger) and I'm not really the type to socialize willingly, so I just turned to my friend and started talking rather conspicuously about LOTR in hopes the other person would hear and strike up a conversation with worked!

      Oh I heard about the EWTN specials but I haven't listened to/watched them yet! Do you know if they have them available online anywhere?

    2. Haha, very true XD

      Yes we must! We must...

      Twins! I was just biting my nails before I started commenting haha XD

      Awesome! I could never do that... besides, if I talked to my friend about LOTR she would tell me to stop because she wouldn't understand a word I was saying XD

      Well, I watch them on the EWTN app. So maybe on their website or YouTube would be your best bet but honestly I forget everything so you're probably better off searching all over the internet XD

    3. Haha XD

      That's funny--good thing there are lots of people online we can commiserate with!

      Okay, sounds good. Thank you!