Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ideas for Writing a Book Blog

Lists of your favorite books, favorite adaptations, genres, ideas for other people's blogs, favorite characters, etc. are great!  They are easy and quick to read through and give you a chance to either fawn over something you adore or rant about something you despise.

Lists are always fun
Opinion Articles
What is your opinion on any of the following:
  • love triangles in literature
  • first/second/third person point of view
  • famous authors (possibly unexpected or unpopular opinions)
"How it Should Have Ended"
Do you have a unique take on how a story should have ended?  Change the ending to suit you.  This could be comic or serious.

Your Book Collection
Show off your collection of books and book related items.  I started a tag for that purpose, so if you're interested, click below.

"Interview" a Favorite Character
Pick a character you find particularly interesting or charismatic the chance to explain themselves.  

Analyze Themes
If you're as nerdy as I am, you might derive joy from analyzing the themes present in your favorite works.   My favorite format for this is finding the general idea (such as "courage") finding the message concerning that idea (ex. "you can't have courage without knowing there is something to fear") and the text to back you up.

Characters You Ship
Are there any characters you just think are perfect for each other and wish ended up together at the end of the story?  Who are they and why do they match?
Mergana is real
Whether you're a writer or an artist, you can always try adding to your book fandom's collection of original creations by drawing or authoring something related to a certain story.

If all else fails, make a list like this to help other people :)


  1. Yes, lists are always a good idea. :)

    Speaking of the bookshelf tag, do you mind if I take it? I know you posted it a while ago, but it looks quite fun, and I'm dreadfully proud of my shelves. :D

    1. Not at all--go ahead! Make sure to leave a link once you've finished your post on the original book tag post :)